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Number 6 is....How much maintenance is involved with a Timber Block Insulated Log Home? And how does it compare to the maintenance involved with a traditional log home?


We get this question a lot, because maintenance may be a concern for those looking to build a log home.Traditional log homes can be higher maintenance. For example, traditional log homes will settle. Many log homes compensate for "settling" or the shrinking of the logs after the log home is constructed. The wall settling will cause the walls to move and you have to compensate for the shrinking of the walls over the life of your log home.


Also, there is the problem of checking (cracking)!


Because of Timber Block's patented building system, as well as the fact Timber Block's wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, Timber Block homes will NOT settle OR check! This alleviates spending both time and money on maintenance, but still being able to live in the gorgeous log home of your dreams.


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With proper placement of screw jacks, harvesting logs at the right time of year, allowing your logs to dry and the kerf them you can eliminate most of those things. Many people (like myself) build with full logs because that's what we want. Proper design and maintenance are critical.

Maintenance is vital to preserving any wood structure.  In Colorado where I live, there used to be 150,000 gold miners living in just one valley, now there are less than 500 residents.  The old gold miners lived in log homes.  There are less than 20 of these structures still standing.  What happened?  

They didn't use Log Home Finishing LLC to seal there log home.

In modern times in Colorado, most General Contractors are only liable for 1 year warranty on newly built homes.  Often, no prep work is done on logs, cheap stain is applied with only 1 coat, and chinking is often skipped on d-log and coped logs to save money and cut corners.  5 - 10 years goes by and the log home is well on it's way to blowing away in the wind just like the old miner cabins.

My suggestion is don't trust a general contractor on sealing your log home.  Talk to a log home maintenance and sealing expert.

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing LLC

719 331 4047

Sure, log homes require maintenance but they can be fairly easy to maintain as long as you stay on top of the work.  We recommend at least taking a look at your stain every year just to make sure that it still has a sheen.  Once your sheen starts to dull then you typically want to re-apply another coat of the existing stain or clear finish. Finally, chinking and caulking is usually a one time application that is done during construction or shortly there after.  We are more than happy to help with any of your log home stain, chinking or caulking needs.  --John

“Quality Products at Great Prices”

"compensate for the shrinking of the walls over the life of your log home." - it's mis-information like this that confuses folks.  Do a bit more research and you'll discover for yourself the correct answer.  Shame on you!


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