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I meant to add a borate treatment (Penetreat) to my second floor, got in a rush, and stained it first.  I've got deep eaves and a good roof, and there's a layer of felt between this floor and the one beneath it.  Both are pine.  Should I worry?


Here are some pictures:


I'm going to treat the interior walls for a third time before using a clear, water-based poly inside.



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Will -


In short: NO.  Don't worry.  :-)  If you're protected by eaves and overhangs, you'll be good.  The Penetreat not your primary source of protection - your stain is, along with caulking (used to seal up those upward facing checks and cracks in the logs).  Penetreat is more like cheap secondary insurance - there in case your first layer of protection is somehow damaged.


If you're performing routine maintenance of both your stain and caulking, the Penetreat will never be activated and you'll be more-than-adequately protected.


Hope that answers it.  enjoy your weekend!


-- Charis w/ Sashco - -


OH - and P.S.  There's no need to do extra Penetreat on the interior unless you plan on it raining will be sufficient to protect against insects with just 1 or 2 applications.

Thanks!  I've caulked most of the checks -- still need to smear some caulk on the smaller cracks, sealing them up.  My eaves are pretty deep all around, so the walls scarcely get wet unless there's a lot of wind-driven rain, so it's not urgent.  I stained the front side of the cabin this weekend -- check it out!


Very cool!  I'll definitely bookmark this blog & keep my eye on it.


If the caulk is smaller than 1/4" wide or deep, don't bother smearing caulk on it.  Just make sure you really soak it w/ stain & it will be good to go.


Enjoy your time!  More dinner parties are a must, but this time recruit them to work, right?  :-)


Thanks again!  -- Charis



Use a satin finish with some sheen as this will be much easier to dust and clean when needed. I used Maxtech water-based poly.. and it turned out great. Before appling Maxtech I used a product called Velvet Oil. I waited 2 to 3 weeks before appling the Maxtech. I can send picture if you would like.


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