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We would not choose Southland Log Homes and we would not use their builder. We would use a reputable Log Home Provider and we would find an experienced reputable builder that could build the shell, and find an experienced reputable local contractor that could finish. Actually, we now have a wonderful local contractor who is picking up after the loser #1 Southland area contractor for South Tennessee and North Alabama deserted us by lying telling us he has "closed his doors" by cowardly text and who was nothing but a joke. The guy didn't want to work, sent cheap labor to do jobs and would only show up the few weeks work was done, to pick up a draw. For example, he hired an independent joe on the street who didn't even own a ladder to do our roof. What? The hired help made a ladder out of scrap wood to haul roofing materials up and down. We purchased the smallest floor plan with Southland that was contracted to be finished in 2-3 months. We were 6 months out and nothing had been done inside and not complete on the outside either. The guy had every excuse in the book not to work, cold, hot, raining, sick, Monday, Friday you get my drift. We were miserable and had wished we had never set out to build this cabin. Southland wouldn't do a thing for us and by admittance of their own, this joker was awarded 2 or 3 new contracts by Southland and that he was very much in business. So glad he is now out of ours!

This joke of a contractor did us a huge favor by breaching the contract. We are finally getting the rewards of working with a reputable contractor who gets the work done and only uses the best sub-contractors.

We should be done in 2 weeks, the cabin looks great! Southland will never get any credit. They could care less about their customer, after they get your money. Run as fast as you can away from Southland, Run!

We will be happy to share names with you if your interested via email. 

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This sounds like our experience with Eloghomes! My email is cmoandsbs@aol. com

I agree with you that if I lived in your area, after reading this, I would by no means use Southland or your original contractor. That's a nightmare experience!! However, I don't want anyone who reads this in the future to get the wrong idea about Southland. We are using Southland to build our log home in upstate South Carolina, and we couldn't be more pleased! We LOVE the rep, Dave Merry -- he is phenomenal! I have no doubt that if we were experiencing problems, Dave would be RIGHT on it! He is ALL about our having the best experience with this possible, and stays in touch, even tho the check for log package was cut a few months ago. Southland here uses mainly 2 contractors (although they have a list of more) and we interviewed and got quotes from both. It was a terribly difficult decision, because we like both contractors a lot. Our contractor has been right on the job since day one and stays in touch by text and email. He is highly recommended and is known for integrity. I guess what I'm saying is, although Southland in your area would NOT be the way to go---Southland in my area is definitely the way to go! Everyone around here who uses Southland (whom I have talked with) are very pleased. Southland just supplies the materials, floor plans, recommends contractors. By the way, the main Southland headquarters in Columbia, SC is wonderful as well. We drove to Columbia and sat down with their engineer and designer for hours. They took our rough plans on graph paper and did 3 revisions for us--never paid a penny--all included in package. I could go on and on...sorry you had such a bad experience and happy you got the right ppl now!

Hello, my wife and I have signed up with SL,, recently. I would appreciate it if you would tell me the contractors name that you had problems with, I certainly do not want him on my project. We are building in Kodak Tn,.  You can just email us if you like, @  Thanks  Leon.

Same experience here with a southland provided GC, he took a $25,000.  deposit and ran....  I am left with a project not started, material has been delivered however I need a builder!

Same experience here with a southland provided GC, he took a $25,000.  deposit and ran....  I am left with a project not started, material has been delivered however I need a builder!


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