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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to get insurance for my cabin in southern Vermont.  It is a custom log home, not a kit.  It appears that non of the insurance companies that I have called will even touch it. Hoping that someone out there might be able to help me out?

Thank you  - John

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Hi John & Pat - a lot of the homeowners here in South Carolina use Nationwide.  Each state may have different rules/regs but hopefully you'll find an insurance company that will get you the coverage you want.

I agree with Donald. I also use Nationwide and I have combined my general liability with my primary H/O policy with my secondary home. I have found that when you tend to "bundle" your insurance with one company along with life, auto, & rental policies there is a considerable working relationship  especially with a agent who works on your behalf is a tremendous asset. My agent is also a personal friend who can give that advice so you don't feel the insurance company is screwing you.

We have a log home in Maine and the only insurance company that would touch a log home with replacement value was Travelers.  Check them out.

I use State Farm Insurance for my log homes. Give em a call.

We had a heck of a time getting insurance for our log home too.  We found that the Farm Bureau Insurance company in Kentucky was able to provide insurance for us.  I don't know if Vermont has that kind of company but our midwestern states all seem to.  Other insurance companies wouldn't touch it and we were not told why! 

We have ERIE INSURANCE on our log home here in Pennsylvania. This spring I did "shop around" for a better deal on insurance and found many insurers would NOT cover a log home here. Nationwide was my favorite potential, but they said because our home was more than $420K and was a LOG home, they would not insure it. Go figure! I am a fireman, and I feel much more at ease in a log home during storms than in a "house of sticks, vinyl and drywall". Plus, take a torch to such a house and it will be engulfed in flames while my log home just casually gets a blackened spot...ignorance is rampant on log homes.

I totally agree with you Art....our vinyl siding and stick built home would go up much quicker in a fire than any solid log home would.  Makes no sense to me why getting insurance is so difficult.  Also our log home seems to be much quieter to live in in comparison too, which surprised us.

We need to find a new provider for our Log home insurance. Does anyone have a policy that is affordable we are retired and on a very fixed income. Age has brought us more problems than we ever dreamed of. We are located in S/W Missouri.

Thanks All



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