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Can anyone tell me how to make a 45 degree cut into the backside of a 9 foot log so I can stand it vertically and apply it to a framed and drywalled corner as a accent log , AKA a pac-man log ?

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We use a chainsaw. There are lots of good books on amazon that will teach you how to make that cut.


Might be easier to just take logs to a local log home mill and let them pacman them for you. Prob wouldnt cost that much.

Wouldn't this require a 90-degree cut? Or am I misunderstanding the issue?

Well....Its 2 cuts that meet in the 90 degree corner. I bet a mill wouldnt charge you that much too run them for you.  What is the diameter of the logs?

snap a chalk line down the center of the log vertically.....use this line to make your 45 deg. lines....cut the lines :)


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