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Hello and thanks for letting me be a part of the community -- I'm a total newbie, so bear with me. 

My wife and I may be moving into an existing small (~520 sq ft + loft) log cabin outside of Asheville NC next fall. It was built probably 10-20 years ago by the previous landowner as a summer project with his grandkids and is what I believe you would call "round log" construction on the bottom with a more modern loft and roof (I'm trying to attach some images here). This may be blasphemy on this forum but I'm just not crazy about the way that the round log construction looks on the interior -- it's dark and makes wall hangings a bit tricky. 

I'm wondering the following:

1) Is anyone aware of a way to create flush walls or as close as possible? I like the idea of having the interior be more of a beadboard or tongue and groove board look. If it is possible, would you insulate the small gaps between the new wall and the existing wall? It's Western NC and at elevation, so probably 70-90 degree summers and 20-40 degree winters (wood stove is only heat source). 

2) If not, does anyone have experience or resources re: pros and cons of painting a cabin on the interior. I would expect that we would want to paint it white or a white adjacent color to help it feel more bright inside. 

I understand that most people on this board probably enjoy the look of the log cabin interior, and I mean no offense, just trying to make it suit our tastes a bit more!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Nice cabin.

I actually did that on my cabin (flat hewn though), because of allergy problems, and wife prefered it light. I did drywall and a venetian type finish, that I waxed.  You would have to strap it and then cover with drywall or similar.  You will have to shim in places to get it relatively plum (use a straight edge), and screw flat 2x4's to the logs.  The other way is to build a complete stud wall inside (lose a lot more space).

You could paint or white wash the logs as well, or do a combo....maybe do an accent wall in drywall and leave one or 2 log walls.

I do love logs, but did compromise.

Here is a section that was insulated and strapped and drywalled.  Walls are primed and base coat a simlar color, then venetian type plaster (the fake stuff from HD or Lowes), and then I wax the walls with Johnson paste wax to give it a little more depth.  For an aged look, I use tint mixed in with the wax to give color contrast in the creases etc.  You can use any color you want, or just paint them.  Its an option.  This is now our Master BR.  

you might want to look into CO2 blasting with dry ice to remove the dark finish from your interior logs, once they are light in color you might enjoy it more, I don't really care about covering up any log with sheet rock or paneling ,    great little  cabin by the way love your wide plank flooring in the loft area   good luck with it

Hello! just an update. Have about 6 months before we move. Still looking for any examples of shiplap or other interior wood covering if anyone has ideas. I'd like to stay away from drywall, but co2 blasting may be a good idea for us. Thanks all for your ideas!!


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