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Interior log walls show where picture frames were previously hung

We recently purchased a log home.  All the places the previous owners hung pictures are now lighter in color than the surrounding wall, which was exposed to the light.  The walls are not stained.  Any suggestions on addressing this issue so that the light areas are not so noticed.
Thanks so much.

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Two things you can do, One is wait. In a couple of years the logs that were covered will also darken. Or, use a product that will lighten the other logs. Anything with oxalic acid will do that. Olympic deck wash is one product, Sashco makes something, can't remember the name or oxycon from permachink.

But if I was doing it I'd go with Sansin's multiwash. Different formulation but same result and I find it a little less harsh on the lungs. None are that bad though, sort of like getting a whiff of vinegar.

Try it on a small test area first.

Bob Warren
Khita Log Builders Ltd.
Good call on fixing this problem, the only problem though is once you do 1 log you will need to do them all as it wont fix the light spots, it will fix the exposed areas.

You can try getting a bucket of water.......AND BE CREATIVE......maybe mix a little dirt (maybe food coloring) and sponge over the light areas.....I know it sounds weird......but your other options are to wait or bleach the walls.

I dont know how yellow your logs have turned, or if they turned a different color, but you need to make a solution that is lighter than the dark spots and apply to the light areas.

These are things I have tried in the past, if your not comfortable doing this......Dont.

we have a log home built in 1996 we feel that the logs are sun seasoned but want to ask that if we were to hang pictures will we still get discoloration where they are hung?
Good Morning Bruno,

I also agree with Bob if you want you can wait a couple of years and the logs will eventually merry up together.

Or you could sand the whole interior to merry up the photo degradation part. ( You must do the whole room.)

There is a product out there to help prevent photo degradation and it is a product called Sikkens Cetol UV Interior Waterbourne finish.

This will help prevent the photo degradation. So if you move a picture from here to over there you will not see the light and dark of the wood.

Good Morning John,

To answer your questins about if you were to hang pictures up would you still get discoloration where they were hung. The answer would be yes, unless you put on a poly that has a UV prohibitor in it.

You can check to see if the suppliers carry a UV prohibitor that you can add to your poly.

I hope this helps!
Have a great day!

Log Wash by Perma-Chink would work well for cleaning up the logs. I used it on a 150+ building that didn't have a finish on the interior. - Did an amazing job brightening them up and bringing back the natural color.
Ahhh...yes. The picture frame effect, which is very common if the interior logs are not properly treated. A pigmented stain with a UV additive should help in the future. After you have washed down your walls of course. Just because your interior is not completely exposed like the exterior, doesn't mean that the sun shinning through the windows will not take it's toll on the color of your walls.


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