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I have been pleased with other Sikkens products, but Is this a new type of finish... has any one used it?

SIKKENS® CETOL® WB SRD is a one-coat, waterborne translucent exterior wood finish for use on a variety of wood surfaces.

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Hi David,

It's only been available for about a year or so, so you may find it hard to get consumer opinions about it.

-Kevin, PCS Redmond

Hi David,

I would be careful of any Sikkens product. Stick with the tried and true waterbased log home stains like Perma-Chink or Sashco. We have been performing log home restoration services for over 22 years and have found these two products to be the best out there with Perma-Chink being the best. We deal with a vast amount of issues with Sikkens products and in my humble opinion they are more trouble than good not to mention they are some of the most expensive finishes on the market. Sikkens is a true example that higher prices dont necessarily mean better quality and durability. Another big thing to think about when choosing a finish for your log home or other wood exterior wood products is maintenance down the road. Waterborne finishes are ten times easier to maintain than film forming finishes and less expensive.

Lee Denman


Intensified Wood Restoration

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I have used Sikkens and with two coats it provides a water resistant(not proof) finish. I used two tests about 3 years ago. These tests are stable and good but very expensive... 90 bucks a gal.

Lee, could you comment about why the water based finishes are not film forming? and why this protects my logs...




To stand corrected water based finishes are film forming but hold up much better than oil based film forming finishes such as Sikkens since water based film forming finishes allow the logs to breathe. I should have stated that instead of being vague in my previous post about film forming finishes. Sikkens can and will protect your logs until the point when a maintenance coat is missed and the stain starts to flake and peel (which can happen very fast, usually within a year of a maintenance coat being missed, depending on the environment around the home). This is when you need to sand the entire wall and re apply the stain unless you want to have lighter logs scattered about. Water-based finishes such as Perma-Chink and Sashco dont crack and peel like oil based film forming finishes. Water based finishes actually flex with the logs and prevent a lot of micro checking that can be found with oil based film forming finishes. Water based film forming finishes also have much better color matching capabilities when it comes to maintenance of specific logs or an area of logs that had to be sanded down and get colorant re-applied. Now I'm not a scientist when it comes to all of this but I do know what my field experience has taught me and it is that oil based film forming finishes tend to cost more in maintenance and need more maintenance than water based film forming finishes and can also lead to more decay issues on northern walls of log homes that do not have proper airflow. I have a great link explaining the differences in types of finishes. It was a study done by a chemist for the USDA Forest Service in Wood Finishing Research. Here is the link. I hope this helps out and clears up any misconceptions I had made in my previous post. Thanks Kevin for the email also!

Lee Denman


Intensified Wood Restoration


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