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I just received an email about a new log home web site.  So I took a quick look but didn't see anything about who owns the site.  Being the sceptical and non-trusting sort when it comes to the internet I did a "who is" search on it. Well...seems the name "Richard Spoor" comes up. Lots of postings on that fellow and Ameralink on this site.


Bob Warren

Khita Log Builders Ltd.


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Unbelievable! Guess I'm not exactly the trusting type either, even after you said you researched, I had to go in and re-research. You are right.

How can any one person be so arrogant as to assume he can do this to people again? The "genius" in his new company name must in actuality be how he thinks of himself, rather than the reason he gives for it on his website. thanks for posting this.


I went & just played around on the website. He's charging to give people references to qualified log home builders, contractors, etc.  I am curious how successful he's been so far, given that so many qualified log home people can be found for free from a variety of sources?


-- Charis

Bob, I guess I am not worthy of this "spore" as I have not received the spam yet.....BUT there are many others out there....especially in this economy.....desperate people do desperate things....SAD!!!!!

I like to know who I am dealing with up front. Why hide? Seems odd to me.


Beth Borrego

See Dirt Run! inc. Log Home Maintenance & Restoration


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