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Hello. We have an old log cabin that's in need of repair. Under three of its corners, the cabin sits on huge concrete piers that go below the frost line, but on the fourth corner, it's only sitting on a stack of large rocks. This corner has settled a bit, and I'm planning on jacking it up a few inches and pouring a large concrete pier to support it. Can the force of jacking up the cabin potentially damage the chinking? Are there any precautions I should take or steps I can take to make this less likely? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Get a big jack. We have jacked up some pretty old log buildings and they are very difficult to raise.

Never try to bring that corner to level all in one "lift". One eighth to one quarter inch about every other day might be necessary. If the chinking is mortar/cement you are probably going to have some chips and cracks you will need to repair. Synthetic chinking is pretty forgiving but you may have some repair to do, TAKE IT SLOW.

BTW: You really need at least two big jacks. Place a large timber across and under the corner with jacks as close to the old pier as you can. The timber gives more area to lift against and allows the use of two jacks. The jacks should be hydraulic, it is very difficult to turn screw jacks when you get a large load on them. Place a heavy timber under each jack and make sure they are perfectly level. Do not attempt this without another capable person being with you. Watch for any problems to protect each other from mishaps.
Thank you. That's just the advice I was looking for. I followed you're instructions, and we were able to lift the corner of the cabin, 1 inch over three days. That was enough to pull out the rocks it was sitting on and replace it with a large concrete pier that goes well below the frost line. I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice.
Easy when you do it right isn't it?

Glad you got your problem solved.


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