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We are in the process of clearing land for a new log home. We need some large out buildings on the property and we can’t decide the orientation of the buildings and landscape (I’m not very creative and visionary!). Do log home manufactures help at all with this? Like designing different scenarios in a CAD program to get a better feel of the outside surroundings? Thanks


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Some of us manufacturers and designers do help with the grand scheme, especially if we’re involved with the additional work. A Landscape Architect might earn their keep and provide an unbiased grand plan too. Where is the property located (county, state) and we (as a group) might be able to be specific....

Thanks for the response Chris...   We live in Springville, NY  Just south of Buffalo, NY in Erie County

We delivered and built a Timber Frame and Log hybrid home to nearby Ellicottville this summer, and hope to be back there for a barn in 2018.  If you have site plan with a topographical to 2'-0" increments, it would help before a site visit.  if so, email to me at

(865)368-5165 cell


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