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I am looking for a reliable Log home company that uses large diameter logs. I would like around 16" or so diameter or larger. Most companies I see just go to 10 inches, any help would be great

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Hello Jim;

We were also looking for a larger diameter log. As you know, the majority of the firms out there sell the 8".

Looks like you are in the Western part of the U.S., so this should not really be a problem?

During our most recent search we found that Neville and Estemerwalt could provide larger diameter logs.

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly:

Nice folks, but then again all sales reps are nice.
They have been bankrupted with their mill in Canada.
Upon hearing the news, customers that have paid deposits to Neville in the U.S. are trying to get the deposits refunded. This refund process is not going well...
Buyer Beware!
Neville Log Homes' operation in Kamloops, B.C. has been bankrupted by onerous Canadian property taxes and other fees, according to a report in the Vancouver Sun. The Canadian division of Montana-based Neville Log Homes, declared bankruptcy Oct. 23, leaving no assets and $2 million in debts.

Nice folks, but then again all sales reps are nice.
Estemerwalt Log Homes (Honesdale, PA) has a large round log lathe capable of milling logs up to 38 feet long and up to 20 inches in diameter.
They can mill the larger logs, however, they cannot pre-notch them. If you can do this on site, it should not be a problem.
The logs from Estemerwalt are "Green". They do not cut dead standing timber, but they do cut and mill live standing "Green" rich with moisture content logs. They claim that the shrinkage is only 3/8" inch per year. Go figure....
In the front end, you would save $$ buying these "Green" logs. However, in the long term you will pay.
After repeated attempts, we could not get any factual data on their "Green" logs. So they lost our business.

We are now looking at two other firms out west for our logs.

We are also still interviewing prospective builders for our project in Kentucky. Plan to break ground in June 09.
Thanks I will do.
Jimmys Twins,

There is a company out of Canada that has been in business since 1976 that does a minimum of 12 inch logs. The company is

I hope this will help you!

I'm about 70% finished with my handcrafted log home, which has 20 inch diameter logs measured at midspan for the walls, bigger for purlins and ridge poles. If you want big logs, find a logcrafter who works with his own logger. My logs came from Nenana, Alaska (I'm in Fairbanks, just 40 miles away), to the surprise of locals who think big trees don't grow up here. For most companies, big logs are tough because there are fewer of them, the "personality" of each log is more distinct (and beautiful), specialized machinery is necessary if you insist on milling them, and more challenges exist in planning and construction. If you want the uniqueness of handcrafting, big logs really stand out and show the artistry of your logcrafter. It is more expensive, and you have to be a lot more involved because it is so very custom, but it sure is worth it.
Some Handcrafted Log Home Companies use large diameter logs....We are currently building a home with minimum 14"-16" top diameter white pine logs which gives you butt diameters up to 26".
You could also check out the builders list on the website of Great Lakes Log Crafters Association.
Good luck!!!
Try Hearthstone log homes in Dandridge, TN. They appear to build with up to 14 inch logs.

Thanks, Joe for the Hearthstone recommendation. I just came across this forum. Our sawmill actually cuts up to 26" diameter White Pine (after bark removed, and on the wide end) and up to 40' long. If he wants full scribed logs, or the hand crafted dovetail (Bob Timberlake collection), we try to keep max length at 24', and design an offset in the wall to keep the "taper" reasonable and the wall laterally stable.
We designed a home for New Homestead Log Homes with 14" milled logs. They were buttery smooth. They turn them on a big lathe to start and then make all their own cutters for the milling so they can do any size.

Derek Hurd
Gravitas Inc.
Custom Residential Design
Custom Log Homes out of Montanna is a EXCELLENT company if you want the big round logs! Talk to Steve.
Where are looking to build. I have a few suppliers. I will look them up and get back. Also, do you want hand peeled/crafted or milled logs?

Best regards.

Thanks to everyone for the information. We are going to go with milled logs.
Try Hiawatha Log Homes in Munising, MI. They should have what you need in a milled and kiln dried hand peeled Red Pine product.


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