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I am looking for a reliable Log home company that uses large diameter logs. I would like around 16" or so diameter or larger. Most companies I see just go to 10 inches, any help would be great

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We just had a presentation from Rob McManigal of Fraser River Log & Timber od Winter Park, CO. He just happened to be in Tulsa on another log building project when we filled out the online request for information, as luck would have it. Fraser uses minimum 12"-16" standard diameter logs, and Rob made a very good pitch for his company (yes, his company - he's one of the owners of this small company now based in Colorado). We are a ways off yet from committing to anyone, though. We are also looking at Montana Log Homes out of Kalispell, Montana. They also do the minimum 12" and up logs.

We've about decided to stop looking at milled packages, as the logs are too skinny and too cookie-cutter for our liking.

-Robert Reynolds, Tulsa
Sir, we are SOUTH AMERICAN WOODS S.A. a company located in Cartagena Colombia, we can cut round logs in diferent spieces, and really big diameters, up to 80 inches even more. Let me know your needs we will help you on this.


This company provides milled logs from 6" -13" (up to 70 feet !!!) & 14" to 18" ( up to 34')...Not only are they a grade certified yard ..but they source dry timber only utilizing GREEN friendly products.

BEST MILLED LOG COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA... The website was just put online because of the poor economy. Otherwise, these guys have survived without because of their high sales and quality products. It's worth a call... 1-250-499-0142 ask for Clay
Hey there fellow log home lovers.... CHECK OUT T.L.TIMBER LTD. !!! This company is finaly selling to the general public and can produce long an large logs. Sizes go from 6" to 13" with lengths up to 65'..The massive 14", 15", 16" and 18" are available up to 18". yah 18" ( up to 34' in length) After 12 yrs. of contracted production to mutiple dealers and developers, this company is now ready to go world-wide! Log cabins, homes. name it! The logs they use are GREEN FRIENDLY as they only use the best quality dead standing from the forests of British Columbia - Canada. The facility is a grade regulated for peace of mind. Quality is an assurance with T.L.Timber LTd. As many companies are struggling to stay a float, T.L.Timber Ltd. has created their own ARK !! Jump on board people! You won't be disappointed!!

Contact : Clayton Hillman, T.L.Timber Ltd. WWW.tltimber.COM
Office (250) 499-0142
Cell (250) 499-6315
You may also want to check these people out. They are in VA. I don't know the exact diamater of their logs, but when I saw their booth at a log home show, they had the largest logs I'd ever seen.

Merry Anne
Did you guys ever find the right company for your home yet?
Jim, I just heard of another company and thought of your blog.

Here is one you can check out...
Merry Anne, That is a great company as John does quality work.
When this thread came up I thought of John Nininger at Woodenhouse Company.
I have worked with him on a couple of projects. He is top notch.
One of our salespeople told me yesterday that their fit is so tight, it would be hard to get a piece of paper between the logs. I haven't seen one of their homes, personally, but after our discussion yesterday, I looked up their website. Beautiful homes.


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