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I recently exposed a area of log wall that had been covered. The logs all  around this area have naturally darkened with 25 years of aging. I attempted to apply a water based stain to darken down the newly exposed logs and now they are too dark. I tryed sanding but that made things worse. Any suggestions for lightening the stain ? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Deborah

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Good morning, Deborah.

You can try a couple things, but just know that they'll be a little tricky. You'll want to experiment in an inconspicuous place to get your technique down.

First, try sanding with a larger grit sand paper (60 or 80) after the stain has dried for a couple weeks. A larger grit may do the trick.

You can also try doing a solvent "wash" on the area. This will take careful application. Painters do it all the time. You basically wipe down the area with solvents (mineral spirits) to "thin" the film of the stain you put on. You want to be very even about the application because too much in 1 spot will make it lighter there than the other areas, leaving a blotchy appearance. Use rags for this and work across 1 log at a time to make things as even as possible.

A couple other suggestions:

1) Head over to YouTube and watch some furniture restoration videos. Those guys have to do this type of work fairly regularly. The surface they're restoring is different, but the steps they take to accomplish their work will probably work for you.

2) Head over to some woodworking websites and forums and see what they recommend. Again, these guys do this type of work regularly and will have some good tips.

Hope that helps some!

Charis w/ Sashco - -


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