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It's been interesting over my lifetime to hear the different road names were log home owners put there log home.

Names like, Log Cabin Rd., Logger Rd., Duck Pond Lane.

I would like to hear what your road is.

I don't need your address, would just like to hear the road name.

I don't want to get in trouble.

It will be interesting to hear the different road name.

Just For Fun!


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Hi Wendy,


I love the name Moose Track Trail.  I have also decorated my living room with all Moose.


I just love it!!!


Thanks for sharing!!



We named our log homestead "Shadow Ridge". Our ten acre site rests on a sloping hillside that is nestled in the shadows by later afternoon. Attached is a photo illustrating the setting.
Beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing your road name!

I want to hear too. My driveway is over a third of a mile long and goes to a unpaved road. I need a name for a driveway into the woods
Hi Don & Jacqui,

I can't wait to hear what you come up with for a road name. Keep us posted!

Ours is Iona Lane (Irish word) perhaps Iona Drive???
Our log cabin is on a road named Hound Dog Ridge Rd.
Hi Barb,

Hound Dog Ridge Rd. It great thanks for sharing!!

Our land -- on which we will close soon -- is on a new road off Wild Mountain Road. The original plan was for the new road's name to be Wild Horse Trail, but the road-naming officials said that name was already used elsewhere, so our developer came up with Mustang Trail.
Great Name Mary,

Mustang Trail!

Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming!

Our street name is Constellation Circle. The stars at night are awesome. However, the name lent itself to some funny versions during our build - when we were frustrated with how things were going, we called it Consternation Circle. Then, when things seemed to be at a standstill sometimes, I called it Constipation Circle. We haven't named our home yet - - we already had a small cabin in the area we bought five years ago called Camp Runamuck - which our friends thought was funny because we did have some pretty raucous parties on our deck. What's the fun of having a log home or cabin unless you share it with friends and family, right?! Don't know what to call our new log home. We often refer to it as The Money Pit (for those of you who remember the Tom Hanks movie by that name). We will come up with something nicer than that, I hope. Thanks for this fun blog - I do love reading the names.

Susan K.
We live on a (dead end) dirt road off a little more established (yet, another dead end) road right next door to a very VERY rural airport. :o)

Our road name is Landing Lane. Appropriate.

Our work has taken us all over the world. We've lived in other states over the years, but we grew up almost right next door to each other...just down the road from here. 'retire' right where we both 'began'. :o)

We haven't come up with a name for the 'property' yet. It's only 4 acres, but I think it should somehow represent the whole path that we've traveled. We should tie that in with the whole 'airport' thing too.

Any suggestions?


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