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It seems like most people buy some acreage and build their log home in a secluded area. Just wondering how many readers are part of a log home community or would be interested in being part of a log home community where the property consists of 3 acre parcels with say a shared community garden and well system. This is an idea that My Ozark Log Home is tossing around. They have 200 acres of beautiful land here on Bear Creek in the Arkansas Ozarks and are looking to create such a community. What do you think? Any interest?

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Hi Denny, I know that this concept worked quite well in Western North Carolina prior to the market crash.  In fact, there are many log and timber communities in the area that consist of 3 acre or less parcels, the major selling points of course being the majestic views from most of the mountain lots.  My only suggestion comes from an old hillbilly many years ago- he said "son, the mountains are for lookin at, not livin on"  I live in the valley and look at the mountains.  Best of luck.

Thanks for the comments, Cecil. It's nice to know that there are others building log home communities. The views must be gorgeous there in North Carolina. I know we sure love our view from on top of the hill looking over our valley. Could you post a picture or two of your view?



Hi Denny - I live on the mountain & look at the valley, the little twinkling lights are beautiful at night :)

We are in western NC in a gated log home community, parcels are from 2 to 5 acres. We love the peace and quiet and have great neighbors!

Thanks for the reply, Linda.

I'm with you on viewing from up high on the hills and mountains. It's especially nice to look over the twinkling lights down below when I know most of them. We are blessed with wonderful neighbors and really are a community, however not a log home community. My friend, Fred Dillon, has 200 acres adjacent to our land. He has built a model log home and would like to build more on his property having it broken down into 3 acres plots. He especially would like to see it become a log home Christian community here as it is near Branson, MO right in the middle of the Bible Belt. Sounds like you have a wonderful place there. If you could, post a picture of your view. I'd like to see what you see. 

Thanks again for the comments.


Hopefully the barrage of tornados missed you out there in the Ozarks.

Thanks for the concern, Raymond.

Yes, we missed them. All we got were some winds and little bit of rain. Just north of us about 25 miles they had tornados and severe thunderstorms in the Branson area. Looks like quite a bit of damage and so far one death. I sure would be safer in a log home. I think they can withstand quite a bit more than a stick house. ;-)


Hi Denny, unfortunately I don't have the greatest view where we are situated because of all of the homes that are situated on the mountains (so I hit the woods when I want to take in nature's beauty, photo is one of my happy places).  I didn't and I don't mean to offend anyone about living in the valley or on the mountain, to each his own.  The reason this stuck in our life was because of some of the snow storms that we get (if you ever get trapped on a mountain for a week or two with no safe way down you'll understand).  I think that it's funny to watch all of the folks in our area scramble to the grocery store at the slightest threat of snow or ice, while we can get anywhere that we need to regardless of how bad the weather gets.  I wish you the best of luck, it is an idea that is very attractive to many people. 


Thanks for the photo, Cecil. It looks like you live in some beautiful country. Must have been a healthy hike up there from the valley to get that view. You are blessed to live in such a place. We don't have quite that many trees but there's less to obstruct the view from on top of our bald knob. haha. You can see our location on our Facebook page. Ours is the one with the green metal roof in the upper right corner of the photo. My Ozark Log Home is up in the trees further to the right side which you can't see. I am doing the marketing for my friend and neighbor, Fred Dillon who owns the property adjacent to ours. 


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