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We are getting ready to move back into our log home after renting it out.  The house is pine and looks pretty orange.  This includes the interior except for the floor which at present moment is white oak that is poly'd. We have someone coming to do the floors before we move back in, he plans on two coats of poly, and a top layer of epoxy (we have dogs and kids).  Husband thinks we should go with a base of stain (towards the darker brown family) and I think we should stay natural (this house has cathedral ceilings, but is really small).  I will not like the ambering of the floor with poly/epoxy, but do NOT want to enclose such a small space already with darker colors.  Any suggestions?  I have scoured the web for pic ideas with no luck.  Thanks!

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We have White Oak floors left natural with two coats of poly, same as yours except the walls are natural with a clear coat.

I would stay light too, we have dark hardwoods in our log home and I wished I would have went lighter.  The dark wood shows everything, every scratch every piece of dog hair!!  Stay natural for less work for you.
If you use a water base urethane you will get very little oranging if any. It pretty well stays clear versus the oil base version.
This stuff is really quite hard in itself. The idea of using epoxy on top of this doesn't sound too good to me on a planked floor subject to expansion and contraction. If water gets behind the epoxy you could end up with darkening. I personally had two dogs and several teenagers running around on oak floors and it held up fine.
Log homes tend to be somewhat dark as it is. Darkening the floor will add to the problem.
I would stay light and natural. You can use throw rugs to introduce color if you like. I have some flat walls, on which I am using clay (, which comes in a number of very earthy, pleasing colors. I've also thought about using the clay on the interior chinking in some places to give me more color variation. I've written to the manufacturer and their scientists say it should work, so I might gamble. I have some pictures of what the clay looks like on the wlls at If I risk the chinking, I will talk about it on my blog.


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