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Hello all!! The wife and I have decided we wanted to build a log home for us in Covington, VA. As this has just come about, we haven't been able to do much research on it, but would love to know if anybody out there would know a great contractor that would be able to erect it for us? Here is the home we would like to have, as the floor plan is perfect for us, ( I can even have my man cave :) ) : . We would like to make a few modifications to it, ie more windows, garage, and storage for the ac, water heater and such, but don't really know about the cost of such an upgrade, hence the reason for a trusted contractor. Any advice you could give me would be wonderful and thank you in advance!!

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We could supply the logs, design anything you want in that type of floor plan, provide all the logs, roof structure, insulation package and completely dry-in, preserve and stain the exterior of your home for about the same prices you are looking at for having a kit dumped on your lot. We are a small company, in business for 7 years. We are efficient, and good at what we do.


Ray Wengerd


I went to your site, but I'm not the most computer literate guy and couldn't get to the plans section without the GoDaddy page coming up. Like I've said before, I am really interested in The Killington model and would love to have some kind of rough plans made up for that, and a basic pricing estimate for the construction part. We are thinking of maybe a double window in the kitchen area and 2 double windows on each wall of the loft, if possible. Also, we would love to have a wood burning fireplace in our living area!! I almost forgot that the wife wants an attached 2 car garage (climate controlled), with a possible inclosed room in the back of it for our ac unit, water heater and such, maybe even putting the laundry room in there too. Any more help or comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Might as well get my 2 cents in: Appalachian Log Homes, sells log homes and provides erection services all over the United States. Check out our website  we have several models that are similar to the one you mentioned. Look at our Stone Mountain and Hiwassee II models and we are always open to any modifications you may want to make.

. ALH has been in business over 30 years and located in Knoxville TN.
Good luck in you search

Ed Z.

For some reason your website is not coming up for me this morning. I'm not sure if it's just a temporary thing or what. I will keep trying though. Do you all have a catalog of your models? If so, I would love to receive one and will give you my address if so. We do want the Killington layout with a few extra windows and an attached garage, with a laundry room and ac, water heater, etc storage in the back of it as well. A couple more windows added to the loft and the back wall of the kitchen. Also a wood burning fireplace in the living area. If you have any more wisdom or comments for me, it would be great!! Once again, I will keep trying your site. Thanks for the info!

If your response if for ALH then you can send me your address at I would be glad to send you some information along with a current quote for materials and services.


Thank you!! Just sent an email from

Thank you guys!! I will check out your sites!!

For a personal visit to a model home and the opportunity to view some homes of actual homeowners, please visit either Log Homes of the Blue Ridge (Bedford, VA - 540-297-4142) or  Dogwood Mountain Log Homes (Harrisonburg, VA - 540-433-1873).  They will be happy to work with you on any floor plan and put you in contact with several builders familiar with the Appalachian Log Structures building system.  You'll get all your questions answered from someone familiar with both log homes and the area in which you are building.  Looking forward to you visiting one of these locations soon!

Thank you, but right now we are in Tn, but on our next visit to Va. we will stop by the one in Bedford!

My name is Greg Altizer, National Sales Manager for Blue Ridge Log Cabins ( If you want to control quality while maintaining flexibility, take a some time and research what we do. We just completed a project in the Covington area. We have a full engineering staff to ensure any changes you want to make meets the building codes, excellent finance options, top grade materials and a building process that guarantees our quality, time after time. If you would like to discuss one on one, I can be reached on my direct line at 864-457-7612. By the way, you could be enjoying your new home by Thanksgiving. Thank you and good luck.


Alright Greg, you may just of sold me!! Your Linville 1 home is better than the other home I looked at!! The only extra thing that we would want is a wood burning fireplace!! I would like the 8x8 D shaped logs with the butt and pass system as well.

For the best energy efficiency the 8x8 log is a GREAT choice.  We offer a full 8" thick log for maximum performance.  It will really keep all the heat from the wood burning fireplace in your log home.  Enjoy!


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