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I am going to remove some rot on a couple inches deap of a couple logs. Can anyone help with what company sells epoxy fillers and the way I go about it.


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Hi David,

At Perma-Chink Systems we carry a full line of restoration products including rot repair supplies. You can find more information at


If you would like you can also schedule live 1 on 1 training over the internet at You can also send pictures of the rotted areas to the log home specialist that will be helping you with your training and he or she will be able to use them to tailor the session even more specifically to your needs.


If the problems are superficial we should be able to help you do the work yourself, however if you feel that the problems are at all structural in nature we would advise you to seek the help of a contractor, builder, or engineer.


I hope this helps, good luck!

-Kevin, Perma-Chink Systems


thanks Kevin, I'll check it out

Before you address the problem with wood rot you need to first determine what is causing it (gutters, poor drainage, backsplash, logs resting on dirt …etc.).   Epoxy consolidants I feel are best for treating wood rot on logs or other areas of your house.   They have very low viscosity slow curing epoxies that absorb deep into to wood and bind it to stop further rot.   You apply the epoxy consolidant after removing as much of the rotted wood as possible.  I have had success with the PC Rot Terminator followed by the PC Epoxy wood filler – used to replace missing wood.  Depending on how extensive the damage is you may need to also custom fit and seal replacement logs in the damaged area.   The following link provides more information on these products:


If you have further questions regarding general log home restoration you can email me at


Scott M

800 490-3695

“The Leading Distributor of Log Home Products”


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