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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here! I have quite a lot of work to do on my home and was looking for some advice on my current focus. This home was built by hand by the family I purchased it from, and it was finished back in 2010. Soffits were really only installed on one/one and a half sides of the home, but even when they were they were not completely flush. Naturally, critters moved in. I purchased the home in August of 2016 and we noticed them not too long after and have been dealing with the cohabitation...but we are done with that. We closed up the biggest soffit at the bottom of the gambrel but there are gaps along the other sides of the home and along the top as pictured above where they are still able to get in.

Because of the uneven nature of the logs, has anyone here had experience creating a flush closure? One suggestion I had was to use a chainsaw to create a groove/slot to then run boards into to connect with the fascia.

The logs are too uneven in a bunch of areas to utilize a router, and I might need to completely remove the fascia if I wanted to take advantage of other tools.

Do I need to remove the fascia and redo that whole part of the roof to have it "done right"? I was attempting to avoid that due to the extra work.

And to add a note, I am trying to do all of this as a DIYer instead of hiring a contractor or anything.

Thank you so much!

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