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Need some expert advise on sealing in between logs and window frame

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on
What I could use to fill the gaps between my logs and the window frame. I am trying to use something that wouldn't trap any moisture and then place chinking/caulk over the material to seal it. I attached some pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Cut some grip strip and chink over it with Log Jam or Conceal.

Thanks for the info. That was very helpful!

Ryan, I would suggest using a foam backer rod (cut to fit) and then caulk over that You definitely do not want to "fill" it full of caulk or chinking as it will lose its bond and split - allowing moisture in.  The caulk we prefer is CONCEAL and is mfg'ed by Sashco.


Grip strip with a sharp utility knife and template for the radius.  Staple in place and chink over 1/4" thickness.

Hey Chris, thank you for the help. What do you mean by template for the radius? Also where would you recommend stapling the grip: into the widow trim board itself? Thanks again
Cut a plywood radius template for the curved logs and use it to cut the foam with a 2" long utility blade. Toe nail, or staple it with 2" staples diagonally into the window trim or logs, or jambs. The chink will hold the rest tight.


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