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We have a log home in East Tennessee (Bristol), and are looking for a reputable professional to re-stain our home. Please forward us any contacts you may in this area.

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It would help to know the prep work required. If stained with water based stain prior, easy to clean, scrap off bad spots and retain. If prior was oil, it might need stripped down to bare wood, or re-oiled after cleaning with current oil base spec. What stain was previously applied? Keeping same color, or going darker? Post some pics from each four corners to help us size it up.
You may have better luck finding what you're looking for at your local paint store bulletin board. Do you have photos you could post so as to give an idea of the scope of the project?

Thomas Elliott
Log Home Finishing LLC
97 368 2308

We're a log home restoration company in OK. We've ordered our stains from Pat McCurdy in TN. for many years. I highly recommend him for re-staining and restoration work. He does beautiful quality work and is a man of integrity and honesty. He would be about 3 hours from Bristol.  You can reach him via his website at:

Good Luck! Jackie Pinkston

Thank you for your recommendation. We will contact him.


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