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I have browsed your forums and have found many similar situations such as mine but I would like to find out as much I can about my particular situation.  I am a novice when it comes to log homes and have only been learning about them through my experiences.  I purchased my home about 2 years ago.  It was build in 1991 and has had 3 previous owners.  Its located in the Maritimes so we endure a lot of moisture throughout the year.  Even though young it has definitely stood up well against its environment.


This summer I am looking at removing the stain and refinishing the exterior.  I don't plan on completing the house in one summer but I do plan on completing 2 whole sides at the very least.  Last year I attempted this with a belt sander and circular electric sander.  Both had one speed and the job was very slow and exhausting.  I actually only managed to get half of one side done.  I think this was done do to poor planning and equipment.  But that aside I was thinking this year of going with the grinder method.  I don't really want to do corn cob or water blasting and I think now I will have more endurance to complete my project as well better planned.  From peoples personal experience have you found a dramatic difference from using a grinder over traditional electric sanders?


Next as you can see in my pictures my house has a very dark acrylic stain on it.  At first this scared me and I thought I was a paint.  But after lots of investigating I found out the original owner used a Sico acrylic stain  Now maybe this poor judgment on my part but I do enjoy the darker colour even though it tends to hide the logs themselves.  Ultimately I would like to remove all of the dark stain and put clear one on but at this point with the amount the previous owner stained I don't think this is practical.  Even the underneath of the over hangs are stained.  I guess my question is how do log home owners and maintainers feel about acrylic stains?


Thanks for taking the time to read and understand my situations and I hope this helps anyone out in the same situation.

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A grinder is better than a belt sander in this situation. I think media blasting would be cheaper and probably do a better job. Your home looks beautiful. Why not just re-coat the grey?

Thomas Elliott
Log Home Finishing

Re-coat the grey?  I thought this was a BIG no no.  Can you give me more details on this?

It's quite simple, do a pressure wash to remove the dirt and then simply pick a grey such as Sashco 'Driftwood Grey' and spray or brush a couple of new coats on followed by a clear top coat.  I wouldn't call it a BIG no at all.  Our current project is a re-coat project and it's working well.


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