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We have been living in a log home for 6 years now. The house is in the fields and each fall, starting with September we have mice inside the house. It seems that they use the insulation channels inside the logs to move around.

Any recommendation for a sealant that cannot be chewed by mice?


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Get a cat

Unfortunately a cat is not a viable option. We have hunting dogs and the cat wouldn't survive here. 

I have seen that "Great Stuff" expanding foam comes in a "Pestblock" version that is designed to be rodent proof.


I would have to agree that this (Pestblock)  is about the only option.

We had them also - lots of mousetraps under the porch - we got lots. The other thing was they were also getting in thr dryer vent until we installed a wire mesh "cage" type thing.  Haven't had and for over a year now.

Thank you everyone. 

We have been successful with Victor mouse traps, the electronic ones. But the better sealant should complement the traps work.  

The one thing that I found is if you use the Great Stuff (Pest block) and then you use caulking over that once its dry. The expanding foam fills the void and then the chinking or caulking seals it in. I have a log cabin that never had any insulation between the logs and the mice were running wild in there. Slowly but surely I sealed up all of their entry points and the activity has decreased significantly.

I also would hurt to make a simple (but VERY EFFECTIVE) mouse trap that is sure to catch mice but want allow them to stink up your house when they die. I use this all of the time especially when I'm closing up the cabin for several months. I've caught as many as 8 mice in 1 bucket before.

Thank you for the advice!

As mice traps, we use the Victor Electronic. Very efficient, but must be baited in regular basis. The death is quick and rather humane if I can say so.


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