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Sikkens discontinued it's Sikkens SRD 996 (natural light) oil based sealer. I tried their new SRD water based (natural) with disastrous results.  The new "natural" is much darker than the former oil based "natural light" ("natural light" is not available in the new water based product).  It streaks badly and dries to quickly when applied over the old natural light sealer.  

I'm now looking for a high quality "Clear" coat sealer that I can apply over my earlier Sikkens oil based material.  My logs are in good shape and are not in need of a tinted sealer.  Anyone have a similar experience and/or a good tried recommendation?

Thanks....Ron in Colorado     

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The Weatherall Sustain Clear is a low VOC oil based stain that may work for you.  It is an absolutely clear stain - doesn’t contain any sort of yellow pigments like some natural stains or sealers.  This makes it a good choice for maintenance coats because you are not building up color on the surface of your home.   If you have questions on stain application or need some free samples you can send me an email or check the following link to our website.       

Scott M

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First, I'd recommend you check with Sikkens to see if they have another oil-based product that will work with your existing SRD. Switching to another brand can often work, but Sikkens knows their products best so would be the best ones to recommend a replacement. Whatever you do, stick with another oil-based product. Water and oil can mix, but it always depends on the formulation. Fact is: if you mix technologies, re-coats of the stain can be a pain in the future. Even if you mix brands, that can present some issues. So, you're wise take your time, try to find a replacement from Sikkens, and if that doesn't pan out, then do some more research on different brands available, do some testing and find out which one you want to switch to before you move forward.

There are hundreds of oil-based products out there from which to choose. Here are my tips on what to look for:

1) Make sure whatever you switch to is oil-based again.

2) Make sure it's free of silicone or waxes. Caulk & future stains often won't stick to these (and they won't stick to your existing stain sometimes).

3) Make sure it's made for logs. Logs are special and require stains that are formulated to handle the extreme movement and UV exposure they get.

As Scott mentions below, Weatherall makes an oil-based stain for logs. We at Sashco make an oil-based stain (Transformation Log & Timber) that people use over Sikkens all the time, and there are several available at paint stores.

Contact several suppliers and get samples to try out. You're familiar with what can go wrong (it streaks badly, dries too fast, etc.). It should wet the surface uniformly, with no separation or "fish eyeing" or "lacy" look to it. I'd recommend giving it a week to dry and undergo at least a little bit of movement so you're sure you get the look you want and ensure you won't have any funky results.

Of course, your other option is to do a light pressure wash to clean everything off and apply another light coat of the Sikkens SRD you have on there. Yes, it will darken some, but you avoid any complications using more of the same. I'm sure I and the others wouldn't mind getting your sales, but avoiding problems and making it as easy on you as possible is goal.

Hope that helps some. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss more specifics. I'd also be happy to take a look at any pictures you provide.

Have a great week!

-- Charis w/ Sashco - -

Thanks Charis, I did power wash and lightly sand the surface area prior to applying the new SRD water based material to my out building.

Good. Sounds like you're on the right track. Unless there is some flaking stain or severely faded spots, the sanding isn't necessary. I know some stain companies will recommend it so the new product will stick to the existing stain, but that's usually not necessary. (Just doing what I can to save you some work.)

I should mention: Sashco is located right here in Colorado and have been since 1936. Stop by if you're in the Brighton area and we'll be happy to have some coffee and chat with you. :-)

-- Charis 


I would also recommend taking a look at Weatherall's SuSTAIN product.  It was designed to go over top of most oil based coatings in the market including the Sikkens products.  With that said, it is always a good idea to sample the product prior to application.  Good luck and let us know if we can provide any further assistance or free product samples.  Please contact me at with any other questions.


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