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Anybody know of an experienced chinker/caulker for log cabins in Northeast Texas?


I have three log cabins erected at the same location & need the chinking done.


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Ok thank you.

I just sent them an e-mail off their website.

Here's an an example of how your log home would look chinked with Log Jam chinking from Sashco in Mortar White.  We chinked this log home last year near Jefferson, CO.

Thomas Elliott

Log Home Finishing

I have another job in mineola (wood county) that my crew is going to this fall. Where is your site? Nice looking log, just need to verify connection details (chink over grip strip, or over log on log connection?). Also do you have chink already, or need it provided? Either way, need to know lineal footage of chinking and average widths. Call me to discuss.

Chris wood, VP sales
Hearthstone, inc.
865-471-2182 desk

Thanks Chris.

Our three cabins are about 25-30 minutes from Mineola. We are towards Dallas from Mineola in a town called Wills Point, Texas 75169.

We toured your facility a few years ago and were very impressed. Hearthstone was our favorite as far as quality, but in the end we decided to go with the same company that built my brother's cabin in Colorado because of familiarity.

We have ordered some samples of chinking material and different backers, but have not made any decisions. I will have my brother Terry call you soon and I will also send you a PM with his contact info. He knows more of the specific construction type details that you inquire about.


If you have plans or photos/dimensions to share, it will help to estimate cost.  If all (3) are being done at one time, it will be efficient.  Sometimes we do exteriors first, then come back and do interiors when all is done and ready?  The caulking is often done by the painter, prior to finish coat of stain.  Aesthetic issue.  Run a bead of chinking where window trim hits log wall, or a bead of chinking.  Either way works.  

Are we providing labor AND materials, or just labor?  If so, do you know what to order ahead of time so we don't run out?  I'll wait on Terry to call or email.

Yes Chris we have plans and pictures. All three cabins will be chinked at the same time and they are all three at the same location. All three cabins are erected, roofed, and will have been stained and sealed by the end of this week. We will need both exterior and interior chinked. We hope to have someone start chinking over the next month or so. The sooner the better. Either way would work depending on costs as far as "materials and labor" vs. "labor only". However we would want to probably use whatever type/brand the chinker feels most comfortable with and recommends from experience. You are welcome to call Terry today....he is free and at the office today. Otherwise he will probably call you in the next few days. Thanks Chris.

Which stain are you applying to your logs?  Did you pressure wash or media blast the logs prior to applying finish?  Will the chinking work also include filling checks in the logs?  What level of architectural detail if any do you desire in the chinking (example chinking around trusses and timber details)? 

Colorado Log Home Finishing....We did pressure wash everything; once upon log erection and then again right before staining started last week. We used Helmsman Stain and Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear Semi-gloss. Chinking will be just between logs. We purposely choose character logs, not sure if that is a factor you need to know. We like a wider profile chink...maybe in the 2.5-3 inch range.

Just to be clear the stain was Minwax indoor/outdoor, and the poly was Minwax Helmsman indoor/outdoor.



I have bad news.  You should know that Sashco Log Jam chink is not compatible with Minwax.  It's likely that Permachink won't work either.  Latex chinking material over film forming waxy urethane will surely lead to premature adhesive failure of most chinking products.  As well, with a 2.5 - 3" chink line, the only products that have been tested to that degree of stretch are Log Jam and Permachink.  You may want to consider media blasting off the Minwax and using a higher quality finish which is compatible with chinking material at this point.

Sashco does extensive testing of Log Jam with all available stains on the market.  I have taken the Sashco course and I recall that they said Minwax is in the 'very poor' category for compatibility with chinking.


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