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Anybody know of an experienced chinker/caulker for log cabins in Northeast Texas?


I have three log cabins erected at the same location & need the chinking done.


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Chinking is still coming along.....


Very nice, I really like the window bucks and chinking detail around those. The white chink is great for reflecting light indoors!

Thank you. We asked for as many character logs as possible. Wanted a new very old looking cabin.

Mark, Your projects looks fabulous. Can you show some more photos and what are the dimensions of the cabins. Thanks

Thanks Scott. Getting some doors installed today



Rustic door installed today....


Scott my brother and I are both single, so we could go small, but we wanted a "big footprint". We bought some property outside of Dallas and decided we each wanted our own cabin. So we are building two small identical cabins across our pond from each other and one even smaller guest cabin. All the small cabins are basically one great room with a loft. We wanted an old look so we asked for "character logs". We love logs with lots of character, branch knobs, and "cat-faces". We got the big "footprint" by using bigger logs even-though the cabins are not very big. I think our two identical cabins are 32x28 and the guest cabin is 20x28. We are still 3-5 months away from completion. Taking it slow, it's all about the journey. Just want to finish before the brutal Texas heat arrives.

Mark, Thanks for the pics. Great job. Love your understand of foundation water proofing and drainage.  Site prep was very appropriate.  People often try to save money on excavation only to cost more money to build on an surface that makes building more expensive. 

Thanks Scott. A couple of the cabins are on fairly steep inclines /water shed areas, so it's been a challenge. We really didn't want to build it and "just put lattice wood across the lake side of the cabin" to cover up the big difference between grades front and back. We are still in the middle of that issue of getting water to drain "around" the cabin sites. I think we have it solved, I'll post pictures when we are farther along on that part.


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