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Please be careful out there. Forums are organic and ebb and flow as interests are fluid. Your heavy handendness might be the demise of this website as I have seen this repeated many times over on the internet on other sites. I agree that legal issues should be stopped but I saw nothing on the Cypress forum to indicate that you had to lay your heavy hand down. Keep doing this and this site will be as dead as 4 o'clock. My 2 cents worth.

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What you got censured?
Thats not good.
Thats what eventually happens with net neutrality, if you don't tow the party line, you just get erased.
shanny, I did not get censured......the site police closed the Cypress thread for more comments.

We do our best to let the the forums flow as freely as possible so that people are able to gather a variety of opinions on various topics. When the discussion ceases to be about the topic at hand and instead becomes a shouting match between only a few select individuals, however, as the cypress forum did, it detracts from the educational purpose this site is intended to provide and turns many members of this community off even further from participating. We didn't delete the comments -- i.e., censor -- because there were some valuable insights available within the myriad posts originally listed, but there was no where else for that conversation to go that would have been of any value to the community as a whole, which is why it was closed.

If you have any further questions or concerns about how this handled, please refer to our usage guidelines ( or feel free to contact us directly about it.

Is that a black bear in your photo?
Or just a large dog?
Are you one of those lucky people I see on HGTV all the time, that work from home?
I was wondering that too, that is a huge dog! I think Whitney could ride that thing around if she wanted to.
The food bill must be huge.....not to mention the cleanup.
Definitely not an urban pet.
He is probaby named "Spike"..."Chewy"......"Rover" or something like that.
His name is actually Knute, and he's the family Newfoundland -- great, gentle dogs. Sadly, getting on in age. We're hoping he'll make it through to his next birthday this coming September.
Knute......a good old Scandinavian name.
Why don't you just use a moderation system instead of cutting every comment completely? Since it's your forum, you can do what you want...but I also don't think it's a good thing to put down every log home manufacturer or it could be bad for the industry as a whole.

I did notice that "" or whatever it is called ranks very high doing a Google search and puts down every manufacturer there is saying they all tell lies. I know this is NOT true. Some may do that but I'm sure that most of the industry wants to put out quality products.

Maybe there ought to be a place where people can discuss up and coming building issues and what exactly to do about it.
Watch this: I will get censured by exercising free speech. I think LHL does this with people who don't advertise with them or say something they don't like. That might get me banned for good. To me that's not a good reason as some know many ways to do things to help their customers out for free but whatever.
Thats one of the problems with online sites, especially if they are "clickie".
Then there is the "pecking order".......some little old lady from some small town can be like the queen of professional boxers.

We'll maybe I'm wrong, they didn't take that comment down yet. That comment would be a "troll" and you bit.

I'm just a little worried about the entire housing industry, the condition of our country as a whole, and a whole lot of other things that probably doesn't need mentioning at all.


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