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My wife and I live in a small town in south central Wisconsin. Our log home is 23 years old and in need of a roof replacement.

Our current roof is 3-tab asphalt shingles in dark brown.  The gutters and down spouts are also dark brown.  The facia and soffits are white cedar with a stain finish.

Our plan is to remove the existing roof then replace it with Landmark asphalt shingles.  We would also like to replace gutters and down spouts.  In addition, to reduce maintenance, we are considering covering the facia with aluminum.  The facia is actually in very good condition but due to my age (60), I would like not to have to re-stain them ever again; soffits are in excellent condition and would remain as is.

Here is our dilemma.....what color do we choose....Forest Green or Dark Brown or?  My wife and I are leaning toward the green; our daughter says stay with the dark brown?

I've added a couple of pics of our home (best I could get).

We would really appreciate your opinion on color or whatever....

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Tom & Debra Leigl

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A new roof is a new roof and a new roof looks really nice no matter what the color.  That said after looking at your pictures I'd go with the Dark Brown because the Forest Green is going to fade to ugly green after a couple of years of WI winters.  The Dark Brown will fade too, but Dark Brown will just turn lighter brown where as Forest Green will turn Ugly Green.  Your average passerby may not have a concept of ugly green but as a painter I do think ugly green is pretty ugly after a couple years.  It might be a 30 year shingle, but the paint pigment will fade after just a couple years.

Thanks for the comment.  I have seen the Forest Green after it has faded and it does get ugly.  The brown trim that is on there now has also faded but you are correct, it is not ugly.

Thanks again for your comment.....really do appreciate it.


Tom & Debra Leigl

I would go with either Driftwood or Teak , colors by Owens Corning.


Fave color would do.




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