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Just ran across a web site developed in 2013.  Titled:  B Burton Webb Strategic Business Advisors.  Now instead of being a log home manufacturer, he is a business consultant.  I believe this fellow is the former owner of Tennessee Log Homes.  This business went bankrupt.  I have found court issues where a loan , over a million  dollars was defaulted on.  He was fired from working with the Mayor of Knoxville.  His home at the Tamarack Resort in Idaho, was sold on a short sale.  His home in Athens TN, was foreclosed.  There was some type of indictment issued for him, in Ky.  On this web site he has the photo of the home he use to own, in Idaho.  So why in the world would anyone go to this man for any type of consulting???  I have seen log home companies go out of business, and regroup, and use another name, and go back into the log home industry, but this one is a first.  His phone for his business is a cell, and he uses a PO Box.  Buyer Beware, I wouldn't use him for anything.  The things people try and get away with.  It just boggles the mind!

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I just did a search, and from all my searches, there is no record of Tennessee Log Homes ever filing bankruptcy, so the poster obviously has an axe to grind.  Also, mention that the person that filed the indictment in Kentucky is facing twenty years in prison, so the poster probably should be careful who's side they take!

Check the BBB records.  No ax to grind.  Everything is on the world wide web.

Case # 12-15751     Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed 11/05/2012

If Burton Webb , is in any business venture* (log home or whatever) * (after everything I have found on the internet) I would do business elsewhere.  Just google log home lawsuits, burton webb, tennessee log home litigation, use any type of wording, and pages and pages of stuff comes up.  Once things go to court, or any type of record gets recorded, it is public record, for anyones viewing.  I wish I would of had access to the internet, many moons ago, it can sure save a body a lot of headache.  Now everything is at your fingertips, good or bad, it is there.  Very helpful in many situations!  Good Log Home consumer, there are good companies out there, you just have to do your research, and use common sense!

Someone is selling mobile homes now, can we guess who???

Now he is a real estate agent out of Knoxville, TN. (hope he read the code of ethics) Well good thing there are plenty of real estate people around, I am sure a honest one can be found. 


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