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We are getting close to making a decision to go with a Northern White Cedar as our log choice we love the rot & insect resistance as well as its propensity to shrink less, etc. 


Our concern is that we have seen on various sites that cedar homes may have a very strong, overpowering smell though.  Our questions are these for anyone that actually has a Northern White (not red) Cedar home and/or direct experience with them over a period of time:


1st Question:

  • Is there a strong smell specifically with Northern White Cedar or is that with Red? 
  • If so, does it fade pretty fast


2nd Question:

  • Is it any more or less succeptable to carpenter bees or any other problem insect out there?



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We work on log homes in Colorado, many of which are cedar. I haven't noticed a significant difference in smell from cedar to pine. I have found that log home interiors can have a funky old cabin smell when the wood is left unfinished. Applying a high quality finish over multiple coats to your interior should very well ensure against any unpleasant smells.

Thomas Elliott
Log Home Finishing
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I've built four Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in Oklahoma using northern white cedar. I also use a lot of our local aromatic red cedar for trim and floors. The red cedar does have a nice strong cedar smell. northern white just smells like good wood. If you'd be interested, I can give you the email addresses of a couple of the homeowners so that you can talk directly to them.  Marty

White cedar mostly smells like cedar when you work it (sand, plane etc.)  The logs don't smell in my house (although I love the smell of cedar). 

Wood is great stuff.  :)

I work with white cedar logs on a daily basis.  They do have a distinctive smell, but nothing like red cedar.  The smell is mostly from the fresh cut wood, and will fade away after a couple months. White cedar is your best bet for logs.  It holds finish much better than pine, and has zero sap issues.

Thanks everyone for your feedback/comments.


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