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hello and everybody and please dont hate me for what im about to ask lol. 


 i own a 200 year old log home that i am currenttly remodeling. i knew the house was log when i bought it and so i have decided to expose some log and other will be covered with drywall. so heres my question :D


this particular wall is an outside wall and the logs on the out side are covered with clap board and aluminium siding with some kind of foam backing ( i saw it in a crack if the clap board). i have removed all chinking from the wall and now its just the logs and the clap board and the siding (just like the frame portion of the house except horazontial instead of vertical) and i was wondering if i could instead of chinking the logs sinice the gaps are a good 4-7 inches wide if i could threat them like horizontal bays and put fiberglass insulation between the logs R30 9 1/2 inch thick pink pather... i can hear the yelling a screaming already :D...


i know the chinking helps with the structural integity of the home in some cases and make the logs more soild and keeps the weather out but there is no sign of mosture with the clap board and the siding there and i want to put 2x4 scabs to level the wall and hang the drywall so this could act as a reinforcer to the log and make them as soild as if they had chinking right?


so in the end the wall would be as follows outside to inside: aluminium siding with foam backer, then clap board, then 9 1/2" inch think logs with  9 1/2" insulation between the logs, then a vapor barrier, then 2x4 scabs to hang drywall and reinforce the logs, and finially drywall .... soo i ask with quivering voice do u think this would work well ?????


and i wish to stress that the wall is the same set up as the frame portion of the house but just horizontial bays instead of vertical ones and the same clap board and siding on the outside ooo and the studs are 9" thick and 9" wide of coarse :/ lol


attached are pics of a wall that was finished be the prev owner look like grout or just motar and a section of walli exposed to see what was there.... just to give u an idea of what style log home it is.... also if u have an idea of the type of wood that would be much appreiated im leaning towards white oak 

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E K,

I would say it is absolutely OK based on... we are preserving an old one too that had the exterior weather boards. There were some log joints in the downstairs that we uncovered and they had stuff burlap bags in a couple of the wide joint spaces. This had to have happened over 100 years ago and all was still good. I think they actually stuffed some joints with stuff like that in the old days, so in the summer (hot) months, they would just remove the soft stuff and would allow breeze to blow through.
Randy D.
Well I hate to cover such a master pice of old world craftmanship.. I mean consider the poor sole axing away to make that log wall. That is a days work. WOW Nice house but it is yours.
So your interior treatment sounds good. Or build a stud wall 3 1/2 then you will be able to level it as it will stand alone from the log wall more insulation and room for electric plumbing etc. Changes in humidity will move the logs not that you can measure it but it may crack your drywall??? that is a maybe after 200 years. You got any pictures of the basement or attic? bet that looks cool.
i dont right now but i will take some tommorrow the attic i s wicked cool right now i have all the insulation out getting ready to add new electric and new insolation so log beams are exposed ill take some tommorrow and post

the roof runners are really cool 200 year old maple that still has bark on it lol ... ill also post a pic of the wall im talking about ... and it looks good to i hate to cover it but there is a log that is a little rotted from when water was getting in im guessing before the siding or maybe even the clap board. and it would be and huge undertaking to clean up the logs and rechink and make it look good and i dont know how to do any of that

this is the basement not much to look at its dirt floor but the log beams are impressive
and this is the exterior and some more basement
I can only say Wow.Restoring that house will be some work. Like mine, one room at a time finish it and move in,and the next room. I hope you are considering refinishing some or all of the floors. Any wood you remove save, it is antique.
yea i am saving old boards and everything and yes planning on new hardwood upstairs and refinishing downstiars if u saw the upstairs u would know why lol... all i need to do is find someone that buys antique wood ... got offered 1 dollar per board foot for 200 year old 16" X 8' foot tongue and grove what i believe to be heart pine that i removed from the attic. i mean come on that cant be right lol new boards cost more then that (and yes they do need work i understand that but come on)

in fact any imput on what reclaimed lumber goes for would be much appriecated ... i have a barn with about 15 6'X6' beam about 8' to 10' long american chestnut that im thinking about selling if its worth it. it has barn siding and real cider blocks and tin roof and the roof runners might be chestnut as well ... any insight plz post
here you go bob mack (any chance your name is bob mackin) if so where to u live i might know u lol

heres pics of the attic
The name is Bob Mack nothing more moved here from Milwaukee Wi.
reclaimed lumber goes for a lot. not knowing what area you are in, it'd be hard to say, but check craig's list or just run a quick google search. I'm not sure what a beam would go for but . . In central PA, american chestnut is going for about $12 to $18 a foot when made into flooring depending upon width.

We have a bunch of 150 year old red pine we salvaged last year we are going to use in our house we are building now. (guess it's older than that, but that is the date on the newspapers stuck on the boards!)
i live in northern maryland so thats probly pretty close to the mark but i have no idea where to go to sell it is criagslist the best place u think or maybe classifed ads?
Try this company in Chambersburg PA, not sure what they might offer you:

Or, just try putting a listing online and see if you get any offers!
pics showing progress


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