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I have wanted a log home since I was 11, I'm in my twenties now and I would like to begin building within the next 5 years. Im going to school for business and real-estate and want to work for a log home company. I have a good amount of money saved but for how big my dreams are Im not sure if its possible at such a young age. Is there anyone else that is younger and has a log home already?

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I don't know anyone young with a log home, but I will tell you this: maintenance on a log home will be much easier while you're younger! :-)

Hope you find someone with some experience, but I'm always of the opinion that if you work hard for it and you research enough, you can do it. :-)

--- Charis w/ Sashco - -

Thank you for your encouraging words. I work hard for what I want and this is one thing I will not give up on =)

Hi Michele - make your "dream" your "goal" and work towards it everyday. Age does NOT make a difference. My wife and I built our log home in our early 30's (23 years ago).  It was our dream as well and after setting the budget - we designed the home to meet it.  It is NOT one of the McMansions that so many folks strive for - but a realistic size home that met our wants, needs and budget.  We LOVE living the log home life and wish you much success as you work towards your dream/goal.

Thank you for sharing and for you encouraging words. 

In Summit County, Colorado there are people of all ages who own log homes.  I'm 38 and I often meet people much younger than I who own log homes.

Thank you :)

I was 23 in 2005 when my friend and I built our first log home and made it a profession. We still own the home, and we are still in business. Not to say it is easy. We survived the recession, although I often wished I had become a Burger King employee instead. Anything is possible if you are dysfunctionally determined :)



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