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Hi all... We've just installed some used kitchen cabinets that will need painting - the dilemma of coarse is the color ...

   I see many pictures of flat black cupboards in log homes that look relatively acceptable, but I'd rather find something that I like even more. I see that there are zillions of pictures on here but I have dialup - so cannot sift through them very efficiently. Anyone here have some pics on thier profile of painted cabinets and feel that they have found a really nice color ?? Our logs are light in color so i'd rather go darker but am open for anything...thanks in advance!!

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this photo is from Debra Chapoton's profile (not mine)...but I've admired it since she posted.
there are also two folks (probably more, but these are the two that caught my eye) with gorgeous white cabinets. Judy & Lee Peacock & Lynn Kuntz. you might take a look at their pages. Neither have tons of photos that you would have to sort through.
~~I must say, I don't miss my dial up days ....
I really like green or burgundy painted cabinets with a log home.

Painted cabinets make a log home often feel even more cozy. I have thought about doing painted cabinets myself but hubby just won't hear of it.
OMG I HATE YOU GUYS, Not once in all my planning had I given any serious thought to painted cabinets. Until I saw these pictures WOW

Gee Thanks :-)
I painted and then did crackle...on some and then not on others. Sort of mixed it up a bit. I'll post a pic. The problem with's hard to know when to quit! My hubby finally had to say...step away from the crackle dear. I did the interior barn doors we have too. Love it!
Yes please Post. I am having a hell of a time trying to co ordinate hardware with tile and toilets.... LOL and any ideas would be greatly appreciated

I have cherry color for my kitchen cabinets. They look really good and go well with the kitchen.

I agree with Eugene cherry cabinets look great I have them in my kitchen



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