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We have squirrels at our cabin that are chewing on the ends of some of our logs.  How can we get rid of them? 

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There are repellents on the general DIY market, several of which contain capsaicin, the chemical that makes chiles spicy. Those work, from all I've heard and experienced.

I wonder what they're trying to get to, though. It's possible, this time of year, that they're trying to stock up on salt and (if you used it) they're attracted to the borate in your logs. I've heard that some people just set out big salt blocks for them, well away from the home. They get their fill there and leave your wood alone. 

Otherwise, two other suggestions:

- species vary, so it'd be a good idea to contact your local county or university extension office. They'll usually give you methods specific to your area that are known to work well.

- Contact local pest control. They, too, will be aware of what works in your area.

Hope that helps.

-- Charis w/ Sashco - - - 800-767-5656


.22 long worked for me.  Yes they can be "cute", but squirrels are basically rats with fuzzy tails, and can be quite destructive inside the roof or walls of your home.

We had that happen at our other house - It was on the end of railing on the deck.  I actually think he was sharpening his teeth.  We wrapped the 2 ends with a really stiff wire (sort of like chicken wire but much smaller holes and really stiff.  You just bend it into position and BINGO - worked like a charm!!!

Spraying the affected area with a Capsaicin-based product will work best - just get the highest percetage of Capsaicin as you can find! In lieu of that, you can sprinkle Cayenne pepper on and around the affected area. Squirrels will eat/lick the pepper and run to the hills as they CAN taste it! 


Thanks.  We have tried some capsaicin based sprays and they helped temporarily but they didn't last too long. I guess you just have to keep it sprayed constantly.

Yes Linda. Unfortunately I have not found one that is waterproof and once the spray becomes diluted it loses its effectiveness.


Pest control team or any cleaning team will help you out.


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