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To anyone who has purchased or evaluated Southland Log Homes. I joined this forum to assist a family member who is evaluating two log home builders. My brother, who currently does not have internet access, asked me to find out any positive or negative comments out there regarding Southland. I would most sincerely appreciate any reviews about Southland from the members of this site. Please chime in as your experience with this manufacturer would carry considerable weight.....

Thanks in advance for any response,


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When you go to watch the way dates of reports came in. It looks like some over enthused sales people asked for them. Also check and see who own's SLH I prefer my money stays in the USA.

To Southland Log Homes:  We are so very, very, very, did I say "very" excited!  Thank you again for all your help, patience, and enthusiasm.

Jeff C.

Southland's process was amazing!  We had a great relationship with our Southland Project Manager.  She was there every step of the way to answer questions and guide us.  We want to thank everyone at Southland for helping to make our dream a reality!


Southland's team was very helpful!  My Southland Project Manager took over the job and my worries.  Super nice people!


Franz S and J Guidry How about some photos of these homes your building. What state are you guys in?

Franz is in SC.  Here's the log home.  Almost there!

I'll give you a quick run-down of my experiences with them, I have chosen not to use them at all for any reason, not even plans.

I've visited most of their models in NC and tried to visit the one in Fredricksburg Va. In their models I noticed many times that the doors didn't seem to close right, some of the windows I couldn't get to open etc... In each case I was told that was relatively normal in a log home and they just needed "adjusted" (which made me wonder why there weren't "adjusted" if the home is what buyers are basing decisions off of).

Then I got really turned off after visiting their Fredricksburg model.... We went up on a Saturday in which they were suppose to be open and instead found a note on the door saying "at an appointment, with a phone number to call. I thought that was a little odd since Saturday is the only day they are open when working people have off. So we called and the rep said that Southland had a critical need for him to cover an "event" and he wouldn't be able to show it to us that day.

That upset me a little as I had driven 180 miles to look at this model and they didn't have anyone to show it to me or talk to me or anything. So I e-mailed Southland and basically said just that and also inquired to the price of that particular model. That was a week ago and I haven't gotten any type of feedback whatsoever. The more I deal with them the less I want to take a risk of them having any of my money. It just doesn't feel like I'll be happy with their communication or response. The bad part is they have a couple of models I really like.

Sounds like they didn't allow for any type of settlement, that could be why the windows won't open, and the doors  are not hung properly, if they are not closing properly.  I don't care what kind of home you build they all settle, especially log homes.

I appreciate the responses. He needs to make a decision within the next few days. He has also been looking at Katahdin log homes. Does anyone have any experience or knowdege of that manufacturer?

Thanks again,

We own a Katahdin home and LOVE it. We also love our builder - I think that is what makes the difference. We have been in the house a year now.
Martin, what a great brother you are!! It took me a few minutes, but I found a discussion from August 2008 started by one of members, Elaine, pertaining to Southland Log Homes. You might want to check it out!! Hope this helps.

Shelley S.
If you read that link Shelley gave, and the subsequent "Blog" post that is linked on page 2 of the linked thread, you will no doubt come to same conclusion I have:

NO WAY IN HELL does Southland get my business!


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