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Hi -
New log home owner (Nov 2008) and new forum member. The house is about 3 years old. And needs some caulking and more stain. I want to give it a wash before I do those two things. Reading a lot about TSP and water mixtures, etc, but am a bit confused about a pressure washer. Don't these hook up to a water supply? And if so, how would they deliver a cleaning solution other than water? I have seen a few with a container that looks like it could add some chemicals to the spray, but then, how would that happen in the right proportion i.e. water to TPS percentage? Perhaps the cleaning solutions are applied with a pump sprayer?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there! I myself don't know a whole lot about the mechanics of pressure washers, but I ran across this other forum a while back with a bunch of paint contractors. They generally pressure wash conventional construction but they know their stuff when it comes to the machines. Check it out when you have a minute.....

-- Charis
THanks Charis. Lots of info on that forum, but couldn't find anything about how a pressure washer is used with other chemicals. Do folks pressure wash their log homes with a gas powered machine (hooked up to a water source) or a manual pump washer that has a container with the water/cleaner mixed in it?

I haven't gone thru everything on there. You could always pose the question. They're pretty quick to answer.

On log homes, most use a gas powered machine hooked up to a water source, simply because that's easier. Most apply the chemical cleaners before with a hand pump sprayer and power wash after with plain water. We have been told about people running their wells dry due to power washing, so it's a good idea to do the chemicals before hand with a hand sprayer just to avoid that (if you have a well & that's an issue). You certainly can go the route of water/cleaner mixed but would still have to follow that with a plain water rinse to ensure everything is thoroughly neutralized. Chemicals left on the wood can affect adhesion and performance of whatever coating is applied over top.
Hi Kelly , i've experience that also , and for your more info about this matter just try to visit this website , it's a very helpful site

I am not trying to push products on this forum, but to share knowledge. That being said - if you'd like, I can email you a pdf file on cleaning bare wood. Keep in mind it is written with the use of Perma Chink Systems finishes in mind, but the same rules apply no matter whose products you decide to use. If you'd send me an email to merry@permachink I'd be happy to forward it on to you.

Merry Anne
OK, so I think I'll get a hand pump sprayer (maybe strapped to my back) to apply cleaners etc. Then use a power washer (water only) to rinse the exterior. Sounds like thats the way to do it. thx. :)
Brian I don't know what you are trying to clean,but if you are trying the clean the logs for prep of stain
and caulk,you might want to try log wash,all you do is mix 2 cups log wash to 1 gallon water spray
on logs and rinse with waterhose,wait about 24 hours and then you can stain and caulk.Greg
yes, thats all I am trying to do at this point. 3 sides of home have 1 coat of stain. Need a 2nd coat. And home needs caulking. thx.
Who's Brian? :)
my bad I was talking to a guy name Brian when I was writing to you and my mine wonder off.
LOL! I figured.


I got mine at Sears 3000 psi have used it four 4 years blasted of all the old stain on the 1700 sq ft home have used it in my log furniture blasting off bark and still runs strong, I have a $99.00 rotating spray head which is a must so you dont hurt the wood,

Paid a whopping $350 for it.

Have a great day






you wont need any cleaners with a powerwash system, we had a dark color stain on for 6 years and we blasted it of and applied new worked great, if you have mold bleach mix wit half water works good also.



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