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Hi -
New log home owner (Nov 2008) and new forum member. The house is about 3 years old. And needs some caulking and more stain. I want to give it a wash before I do those two things. Reading a lot about TSP and water mixtures, etc, but am a bit confused about a pressure washer. Don't these hook up to a water supply? And if so, how would they deliver a cleaning solution other than water? I have seen a few with a container that looks like it could add some chemicals to the spray, but then, how would that happen in the right proportion i.e. water to TPS percentage? Perhaps the cleaning solutions are applied with a pump sprayer?

Thanks for your help.

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Hey Brian:  Be carefull with the pressure washing, don't get too close to the logs and don't use too much pressure, it can cause more problems. If you use too much pressure the wood will raise up and it will look like it grew hair on it, then you will have to sand the logs before staining. Just a heads up to you.

Good Luck

Hi im Kristine Harper, regarding that matters i will suggest you to visit this website.

Hope it can help ;).


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