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Unfortunately we have experienced a nightmare with the job that was done staining our log home.  We are currently in the process of sanding the entire house and starting over.  Can someone recommend a hand sander preferably with a vacuum that can handle a 10,00 sq ft home.  We are aware we will need to buy several which is why I'm reaching out.  We purchased a few from Lowes as testers but the guys doing it are suffering from the particles flying thru the air.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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So sorry to hear about your nightmare!  If I can answer any questions, please let me know.


AS to a sander: I can't recommend one, but here are some forums I participate in that you can search for recommendations:


They all have professionals either answering the questions or asking them, so use the search function and see what you find.  (FYI - as a side note: you won't be able to post on or, as only professionals are allowed to post, but you can search many of the discussions for their opinions.)


Also - something else to consider: it may be faster to have someone (or yourself) media blast the home with crushed glass media.  That will often times take off stains and get you down to a good surface.  Let me know if you want more details on that.


I hope that helps some.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Charis w/ Sashco - - -



Most of the random orbital, 5 inch sanders have a dust collection system attached. Take that unit off and duct tape a hose over the exhaust port. A fairly good flexible hose to use is the one sold for swimming pool vacuums or a hose off a canister vacuum. Take this hose and tape it inside of a shop vacuum hose which should be larger. Let some leakage at this joint take place or you will work the shop vacuum too hard. It's cumbersome but it does work to contain almost all the dust. You can use 60 and 80 grit sand paper as these sanders tend to still leave a fairly smooth surface that will also give some "bite" for the stain to adhere too.


What were you using that went wrong ?

4x4 square palm sanders with 80 grit paper work fine and have dust bags ( Dewalt and others ). 3M makes a blue/green colored paper that limits dust as well. I would NOT use orbital sanders. It will leave noticable swirl marks and unless you are a pro with that type of sander don''t even try it.


Did you try oil based or water based ? Whose stain did you use ?


Hand sanding 10,000 square feet? Wow. Is this interior or exterior? Makita offers a one year warranty so if you burn them up just send them back and you can get them replaced.

I share in Dave's concerns about 'hand sanding' 10,000 square feet - especially if its the exterior. Professionals who cob blast, glass blast, etc may get it done lots quicker, not much more in cost of you are paying people to hand sand and depending on where you live, you are running out of warmer temperature days to stain outside.

Get somebody to blast it off, and then do a light sanding or buffing if needed (further prepping is needed prior to re-staining). We have a system that additional sanding is rarely needed, but every scenario requires adjustments as circumstances vary.

And use a stain that has a track record of not having to be removed. Go to and do your research on their products. Talk with for Mike or Jeff.

I recommend them because I DEFINATELY profit off their products, as it's what we have been using for 6 years and we have happy customers that pay with a light heart after we are done restoring there homes. And as of 2 years ago, hire us back to recoat after the initial restoration.


Ray Wengerd


I went through this also.  We had a couple of average palm sanders, and one did wear out.  We took our log home down to bare wood again, and bought lifeline ultra stain, (light honey) from Permachink.  Now after you get your home all sanded down, its like staining for the first time, all over again.  Plan on buying more stain than usual.  It will soak it up.  Our home looks good.  We also used the pro guard clear coat, to help our stain last longer, and it does help.  Good luck, and remember, patience is a virtue!!!

I just bought a Porter Cable 5" Orbital Palm sander that is working very well for prepping my deck that I'm going to stain. They are pretty inexpensive, too. I got mine at Lowe's. Sorry to hear about your nightmare. That's no fun.


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