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I'm planning the building of my future log home and I would like to build it by reclaimed square logs. Moreover, I would like to use reclaimed wood for interior decors, for instance for the floor rooms (wide planks), the counter and sink tops, the mantel of fireplace and so on. So I turn my questions to people who have built their log homes by reclaimed woods:

1 - is it easy to find in the market reclaimed wood?

2 - is the price of reclaimed wood cheaper or more expensive of manufactered logs, delivered by log companies?

3 - Who knows "Walden log home"? I would choose this company to build my home, but I would like to gather your direct experiences. 

Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you.



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I love wooden, stone, natural homes and architecture, the art of using the materials.  Its a spiritual thing I suppose :).

I really like the reclaimed look.  I reclaim and salvage a lot of stuff myself.  Winterwoods homes does work with reclaimed materials too (I think antique cabins and barns does some of their work).

More ideas;

Be prepared to be disappointed, unless you are using for decorative purposes only.  Finding, grading and engineering a structural application (wall logs, floor beams, roof rafters) using reclaimed will be 2x expensive and 3x time consuming.  You'll need to travel and physically inspect the materials.  The industry has minimal inventory of structural timber and the quality can rarely be graded.   

You often see decorative paneling, siding, faux ceiling beams, furniture, etc.  Old beams and timbers with defects can be resawn and reworked around the bad stuff with tasty results.

Or you use new, vacuum-kiln dried timber with an antiqued finish for half the price.  

thanks a lot for your kind reply and following your useful suggestion, I'm going to turn my attention to one Log Company that reflects my wish to build an Appalachian home. So I'm going to use reclaimed wood only for some decors, such as floors, posts, and countertop. 



I like the look of some of the Walden log homes I have seen in the magazines.  I follow a couple companies on facebook who do similar, I like to watch the process from start to finish...Ramsey restoration is one.

Here is a restoration blog I liked;

Another option that you might look into is a company called Appalachian Antique Hardwoods located in Waynesville, NC. Visit their website

Good Luck with your project.



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