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We are trying to decide on a reputable log home supplier.  We are considering Tennessee Heritage Log Homes in Niota (not to be confused with Heritage Log homes or Tennesse log homes). And also Hochstetler Milling in Ohio.

Can anyone recommend these companies?

Also looking at an engineered log by Great Lakes Laminators in Michigan.

Thank you.

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Forgot to add.  We only want the logs- no package. So we prefer a wholesaler.  Looked at one in NC but need it delivered to N. Kentucky and delivery was expensive.

What part of Northern Kentucky are you located?

Appalachian Log Structures doesn't just sell "kits". They can also provide you with merely lineal feet of logs in your choice of Borate Pressure Treated or Kiln Dried.

we used Hochstetler and are very pleased with the quality of the logs and timbers

I am local to Hochstetler Milling, I have used them in the past and they are ok, but for the past 5 years we have been going with another local company. The species are same, the product simular, but the prices are  better. The don't come in pre cut kits, but we can almost build the walls for what you pay for those kits. Message me if you want their info, they are an amish company.

Ray, I tried to message you but I don't know if it went through.  The main concern for us is reliability and customer service.  I have spoke with companies that were cheaper than Hochstetler but could not find any BBB reports, business entity reports, log home associations etc.  As long as the company you speak of has a business paper trail I can follow I am interested.  My husband is a GC and is very particular on who we will work with.  To date I have called and talked with 13 companies.  Thanks.

I like the thru-bolt system in my home.  Our logs are extremely tight and look great.  When we bought our  home we also made sure our logs were graded logs and that the company was a financially sound company.   Several log home companies have had financial problems due to the economy, so make sure you are dealing with a good company and with good people.


Hope you haven't landed your log home company yet...If you haven't, then check out  they are a spin off  of the old Heritage Log Homes, who has gone out of business.  They offer a "Thru-Bolt" system using the  "Compression Spring" technology.  You can buy just logs that are pre-cut to your plan and pre-drilled for the Thru-Bolts or you can purchase as much of the kit that you want.  Thanks, Ed

If you live in the Ozarks you might want to check out here in Arkansas. Fred Dillon has built a Lincoln Log Home here in Omaha and is now a rep for them in the Ozarks. If you go to his Facebook Page, there are lots of photos of the building process from breaking ground to finished home. It may be helpful for you.


Try Using Tri-State Log and Timber Structures,  812-744-5711.


Have you looked at Appalachian Log Structures.   This is a very stable company with lots of options.

I would recommend using Great Lakes Laminators. 


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