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Posted question about painting long home white which got no response.  Really need to figure this out ASAP so here's another try.  Attached is an image of a 1950s log home I want to buy, but interior wood is dark and finished in high gloss.  I want to either paint white, of if this will rot the wood, I want to at least stain lighter in color or if I can remove finish all together, just leave it unfinished raw wood.  How do I go from Dark shine, to something more natural and lighter looking?  Can something be done on top of what is there, or do I need to cornblast or sand, and if so will the walls need to be rechinked?   Will it leave the wood all rough looking?  This is a 1500sf 5br house.  Is this a $10,000 job or more if I hire help? 

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Hi again, Sam.

Painting white on the interior isn't as big a deal as it is on the exterior, since water getting inside is less of a concern when the exterior is being properly inspected and maintained. Certainly removing what you have on there will be a big job, not just because high-gloss finishes are harder and, thus, requires a lot of elbow grease to remove it (sanding or media blasting), which would be a big mess. That said, sanding or blasting would be the best, least risky means of getting the lighter color you want. If done properly, it won't leave the wood roughly textured. You can sand it to the smooth finish you want on the interior. (As an aside, a rough texture on the exterior is actually a good thing - promotes better adhesion and penetration of finishes. On the interior, that's not as important since you're not getting the weathering inside...hopefully. :-) )

Chinking will only need to be fixed if it's old mortar chinking in bad shape. Blasting or sanding could damage it some. But full replacement is rarely necessary. If it's synthetic chinking, neither blasting nor sanding will affect it.

As for the cost - boy, I couldn't even venture a guess. I've seen the same exterior refinishing quoted by three people and have it span from $15K - 25K. It could end up costing you $10K, or it could end up costing you $5K. Only way to know would be to get some quotes. We have log home contractors you can contact through our website. Go to to find some in your area who would be able to help.

Hope that answers it for now. Feel free to contact me directly with any other questions.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

--- Charis w/ Sashco - -

you might want to look into dry ice blasting or CO2 blasting to remove interior finish, it might be a little less messy than glass or cob, check it out on you tube. I had a customer who used it on the interior of his home and he was very pleased with the results

Hi Sam
I have worked with a few log homes that have been painted. As for the exterior I would not recommend painting. The logs move through out the year and the paint cracks allowing moisture to penitrate. The moisture gets under the painted surface and begins to rot the wood. As for the interior I would recommend sanding as it leaves a smoother surface than blasting and yes a full rechinking and over $10,000.
Bill and others,

For the cost we offer a cost calculator to help customers determine the big question:


Thomas Elliott
Log Home Finishing
You "Can" do a white washed look on the interior of your house. Just use a breathable log finish and add transparent white pigment. The right finish manufacturer will give you the right pigment needed, and all the prepping advice.


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