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Our 10 year old home has 8 inch pine half log siding. We are located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada The original owner had some sort of semi penetrating stain applied. He is long gone and I have no idea what they used. Remarkbly some of the stain is still in sort of OK condition. About  30 % need some work due to black on the surface. It does seem to come off with sanding  but this is a huge house with 23 ft. peaks and very steep roof. At first I was going to look for someone to corn cob blast. One blaster who does have a log home said: Dont do it. He claims that any product you use for blasting is abrasive.  He used a chemical stripper from General Paint. Unfortunatley our General paint store sucks!  I do have samples from Perma Chink that I will test next week. Terry Tadasyk was kind enough to send me his sheet and emailed me some more info. The product he likes is not available in my area. I would like to be able to  buy something in Manitoba. If I run out a quick trip to the store and I am good to go. Sashco and most of the others are not sold here. Then you have the freight factor. I was in Home Depot getting some paint and they have a Behr product called Log Home Gloss Finish. I talked to the sales clerk and then called Behr. I use their paint and have used their solid stain on 2  large decks. I called Behr and talked to the tech rep. This product seems to be well engineered. I did remember reading years ago about lawsuits and Behr. Did a Google and it was a log product called Rawhide. I think they took it off the market about 5 years ago. HD also has all the Behr strippers and brighteners. The stain is not cheap. About $50 Canadian. Some of the specialty houses have product just a little more expensive but there is feright and the problem of no local sellers. I am almost ready to try it but first want to test the Perma Chink stain. Has anyone on this forum tried the Behr product?? 




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if you have any questions about Perma-Chink products feel free to call 1 800 746 7773. we are the canadian distributor for the products.


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