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What do i buy to sand the inside of my log walls, new construction, before i clean them??not sure exactly what kind of sander or grit to use..

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new problem. i guess i have to clean logs first! my first 12 rows are bad, weathered. rows 1-3 are gray. i am sooo sick of hearing so many different ways of cleaning them. i don't have any water in the house yet. i was thinking just rinsing with strong spray bottle after cleaning with bleach & water...your thoughts, i have got to start soon.


You need a lot of water.....a lot of water, if you don't rinse the walls properly, you will have more problems than just some discoloration
There is no need to sand twice, unless you can see sanding marks on the logs, which would mean your using to much pressure on the sander or to aggressive of a grit. You can always use 100 grit.

If you follow the instructions that initally were provided, you will end up with a desireable, professional finish.

Everyone, including builders, have their own way of doing things, but I would choose to follow the advice of the professional finishers for finishing the logs, and follow the advice of the builders for structural needs.

Your project is very simple.....very simple, just time consuming. Start out of sight and figure it out before you move into the more visible areas. Figure out what works best for you.

bought the sander, didn't seem to work to well on the really darkened logs. I don't have water at the house yet, so i wanted to sand first, i am thinking i need to wash with bleach & water first? i was afraid i wouldn't have sufficient rinsing with just a cloth or sponge to work with. I will try the bleach and water today, again, in the laundry room.  I was just anxious to get these logs cleaned, patience is not one of my strong assets!

thanks again.


When you say it didn't work to well on the darkend logs, what exactly do you mean? Can you send me some pictures?
do i clean logs first or sand. i will take pix saturday when i am out there and try to put them up.

Hi Victoria,

On your interior I would clean after sanding to remove and sanding debris from the wall before you apply some kind of finish. If you would like I can send you a pdf via email that explains the sequence of events for new construction.

Good luck with your project!

- Kevin, PCS Redmond

From what it sounds....

You might just want to order a gallon of Wood Renew from Permachink, follow the instructions on the label. A lot of the weathering should clean up with the Wood Renew.

Its what I use on unfinished walls to clean them up.

Just remember....lots of water to rinse.

Lots of excellent suggestions so far. fleet Farm sells a box roll of 50 round 80 grit sanding discs. harbor Freight Tools sells a variable speed sander with a 7 inch rubber attachable disc. Take heavy sizzors and cut the disc to a 5 15/16 inch disc. Use the self stickig fleet farm disc 6 inch diameter ( about $12.00 for a box of 50 discs ) and use this sander for JUST the burs around the knots. Then, use 80 grit paper on square hand held palm sanders for the rest of the log surface. The triangekl shaped can be used for touch-up where the curved log meets the next log.

The key is to clean the logs and make them somewhat smoioth as this will make interior dusting much easier and the logs look great. I went with a blend 25% honey and 75% natural Velvet Oil stain made in Appleton, Wisconsin by Velvet Oil. I tested over 30 other interior stains and this was the only one that applied w/o looking blotchy. I waited 2 to 3 weeks for the velvet oild to dry then applied water based Max Tech polyurathane to the logs in a stain finish and it looks great. If you need  more details send me your e-mail address at and I will send you my how-to-do sheet. I am not a seller or builder. Just someone who researched the daylights out of products before making final choices.


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