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I will be restoring my home this spring and am wondering about the the difference between the two processes. Can a blasting company and a sanding company explain there process from start to finish, for example purposes the wall will be 10 feet long, 10 rounds high and 12" logs. No heavy damage just regular UV damage.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Thanks George.

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Do you have any examples of who calls them self a "sanding company"? I've heard this before on the forum and am curious if someone could actually get enough business advertising in such a manner. local guy near me.... only method he uses. 

I'm not sure i understand your response on the advertising. I have read about sanding vs blasting on the forum, both saying the other is better. I am interested in both, I am just trying to be more informed on both processes and not just the results.
Thanks George

George, they both are laborious. I prefer blasting, as I think the quality of finish removal is more thorough, and faster. 

I just sanded a house down in December, and I don't know if I'll ever do it again, lol. Sanding for me ended up being harder on my body than blasting. 

That being said, blasting takes practice, and sanding, not so much. 

Sanding, expect 10-20 square feet an hour, and as little as 2 square feet per sheet if the stain is tough, gooey, etc. 

Blasting, anywhere from 80-200 square feet an hour without prep. Material usage varies. Some people sand after blasting, but at least they are sanding wood, not stain. Big difference in the two. 

Does this help at all? 

Hello Rich
Thank you for your reply. Its great to hear from someone that has done both. As for the sanding what type of sander were you using and how fine of grit. The blasting what type of material was used. What one had better results as for smoothness?


Our Restoration Process

Average Home

Step One;  Blasting, approximately 2-3 days

Step Two;  slight Buffing or sanding If needed, 1 day

Step Three ; 2 step wash , mold treatment, brightening, neutralizer, double rinse;  1 day

Step Four; Wood Preservatives; 1 day

Step Five; 2 coats log finishes; 2-4 days

Step Six; Sealants as needed.

Ray Wengerd

Thank you everyone for replying. Can you please post close up pictures to see the results.
Raymond when you say wash how is this done. Water hose or pressure washer. .??
Thanks George
Hello George

Day 1 Sanding with a course grit followed by 120 grit. Logs will be cleaned by vacuum in all corners and cracks. First coat of stain applied.
Day 2 Second coat of stain.
Day 3 Final coat of stain.

This process does not bring any foreign materials to your home it only removes what does not belong.
Bill Ristau
Superior Log Restorations
Is this the result of blasting. It looks horrible.

I have a restoration company and we use crushed walnut shells to blast log buildings and use a good quality stain to seal the building when completed. An average 1500 sq ft log building takes about 3-4 days to blast and stain. Blasting leaves the logs a bit rough but ideal for absorbing a good coating of stain.  Generally you can count on using only about 1 gal stain for every 120 sq ft of blasted surface. When we leave the site, the home is like new again.  Please don't blast your logs with high pressure water as it tears them apart.


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