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Sashco Transformation Log & Timber - Red Tone Dark vs Brown Tone Dark

I recently used Sashco Transformation Log & Timber, color Red Tone Dark on my home.  While I love the product, this color came out a bit too red for our liking.  2 coats have been applied, so it already has a good sheen.  Will using a 3rd coat of Brown Tone instead of hte red darken the overall color and give it more of the "brown" look?  Trying to decide if we are going to switch the color to brown before moving on to the remainder of the house?  Any advise would be appreciated.

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Hey, Adam. 

It's possible the brown tone would reduce some of the red tint to the stain. What I'd recommend you do is try out some samples of the different colors to see which one might work, and I'm happy to send those samples to you free of charge. You may want to do a custom blend of a Brown Tone with a Red Tone. You can certainly do that, as long as you keep track of the ratios. We know many people who've done that to get the custom color they want.

No matter what, you'll only need to do a light mist coat if you do a third coat.

Email me with your address and I'll make sure we get samples sent your way, as well as give you some more details on creating your own custom blend.


--- Charis w/ Sashco - -

Thanks Charis.

I actually have a whole set of samples that we received last year before beginning this process.  I'll try a blend and see if we can darken it up a bit.  Thanks for the reply... i'll let you know how it comes out.

Sure thing, Adam. Let me know if you have questions as you go along. I'm happy


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