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We have been considering (and want to) build a simple weekend getaway.  Something around 600 - 700 Square feet, one big room (except the bathroom of course).  The problem seems to be when we talk to log home manufactures in this area (Northeast Tennessee) they don't want to talk to us!  One even told me, "If you are not not planning on spending at least $150,000 don't bother us."  This company is not all that big and as much as I would like to out them for being rude jerks, I will be the bigger man.  Obviously if we were to ever upgrade to a larger home they will never hear from us again!  Others said they need to do the whole construction process or it is no go.

All I need help with is putting up the logs and lifting the roof trusses in place.  I can do the rest myself with the help of my son.  And if it take three to four years to complete it, so what.  I have waited for over 15 years to start the project.  It will all be on a cash basis as we go along so there is no finance company to get all worked up over the time it takes.

Has anyone built a small place like this and found a reliable log home company that was actually willing to help you with what you want instead of railroading you into what you don't?  Are we really asking that much?

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It could be because you are not asking the right people. You may just need 2 or 3 guys and a rental crane to do the stacking and roof. A log home contractor builds log homes so they might be the wrong people to be contacting.

Vic:  We might be able to help you out, Appalachian Log Homes is located in Knoxville TN and we service the entire country and world with our log home packages and erection crews.  We have several simple models that might suite you, check us out at and look at the Yukon Trial I 18x24 with a loft about 650 sq.ft. and also the Silver Mountain 22x26 with a loft at 707 sq.ft. If you like what you see give me a call 1-800-726-0708  or email me at You don't have to overspend to get what you want.

Ed Ziobro

There are a builders and manufacturers on this site,  who would be happy to help you out.  I know I have seen several on this site, including hand crafters like Tim Bullock that do small wall shells, natural element homes too has smaller kit packages, Appalachia homes etc. etc.

You can also get real creative with lifting logs....engine hoists (cherry pickers), you can also use or make wall / beam log lifters.  You and your boys could work off of heavy duty saw horses with staging on the sub floor and can lift small logs up to 6' or 7'.

I have done pretty much all this type impoverished staging etc.  About 3/4ths the way down the page you will see a wall lifter, that uses a simple boat trailer hand winch (harbor freight around $19 bucks), it is also used as a beam lifter.

Great project....a getaway!

I am new to this site and do not know the people and builders on here (yet anyway).  I was hoping to find someone local that could do the package and put up the shell to avoid major shipping charges if at all possible.  Putting up the walls is the hardest part.  I have some back issues and don't want to risk compromising my back on this project, or the back of my son for that matter. 

That winch you had the photo of may just do the trick.  Maybe we could fashion some sort of "A" frame with a couple of them to do the lifting for us.  The price is not bad and it could be used for other things in the future.  Thanks for that suggestion.  As I always tell my students, "Work smarter, not harder".

Yeah...there is always a way.  We built ramps as well,  and winched up the logs.

If you have back problems, then it would definitely be worth seeing if someone could put up the shell for you. 

Don't misunderstand me, there are some good manufactures and contractors out there, often the best of both have long working relationships together. Ask the builder for not just photos of work they have done, but names and phone numbers of three, four or more of recent builds, not builds they did 10 to 15 yrs ago. Just so its stated, I have know interest in either side of Log Home Kits, I work for a Canadian Log and Timber Builder and all we do is handcrafted full scribe log structures from the harvest to the log shell all over the world. Our clients are told by our sales and design people to do, as I've told you. Why, we want them secure in every step of what ever we build. We are also ridiculously expensive, and worth it to a few. lol hope my boss doesn't read this......

Be careful of company's selling ready to ship kits! Some kits are fine, but some have been sitting for years waiting for the economy to recover. Its a roll of the dice you can control if you do your home work. How there stored is just as important as how there built. As well as inspecting what you buy with a qualified individual who deals with Log and Timber Engineering! What you spend on someone for a half a day here and there during the build is so worth it in the long run! When you make the purchase make sure they agree to your added addendum to the agreement/contract of your private inspector. And not just inspect it structurally, but how it is stacked, sealed and its viability to be finished out by you and your son. Limited warranties should be read very careful! If they don't like it, there's a reason! These kinds of Inspectors are only a call away, and can save you thousands upon thousand for just hundreds. Remember Log and Timber Structures are a different animal in building, so don't walk into this like its a stick frame, because it is not!

Never thought about something like that.  I thought they did not make your kit until it was ordered.  Thanks for that advice.  Where would a person find an inspector to do this that would be versed in log structures?  I would not use one recommended by the manufacturer of the home in this case!

Call Architects and Engineers in your area. Most can put you in touch with these types or firms, or offer it themselves. Make sure they have inspected Log before, the International Log Builders Association is also a great source to these forensic log inspectors. Now your on the right track! Even the playing field, and guard your dream and your investment. Wow I need coffee.............

Call Architects and Engineers in your area. Most can put you in touch with these types or firms, or offer it themselves. Make sure they have inspected Log before, the International Log Builders Association is also a great source to these forensic log inspectors. Doing this puts you on the right track!

 Even the playing field, and guard your dream and your investment. They have the log material stacked in 16', or longer lengths. Or sitting in pre-cut Kits. Either way they sell the oldest material first, just like any other retailer, of any product. Wow I need coffee.............

I should of had more coffee, I wouldn't have double

Here is an inspection company on the west coast, I'm sure there similar firms out east as well ........


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