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We have been considering (and want to) build a simple weekend getaway.  Something around 600 - 700 Square feet, one big room (except the bathroom of course).  The problem seems to be when we talk to log home manufactures in this area (Northeast Tennessee) they don't want to talk to us!  One even told me, "If you are not not planning on spending at least $150,000 don't bother us."  This company is not all that big and as much as I would like to out them for being rude jerks, I will be the bigger man.  Obviously if we were to ever upgrade to a larger home they will never hear from us again!  Others said they need to do the whole construction process or it is no go.

All I need help with is putting up the logs and lifting the roof trusses in place.  I can do the rest myself with the help of my son.  And if it take three to four years to complete it, so what.  I have waited for over 15 years to start the project.  It will all be on a cash basis as we go along so there is no finance company to get all worked up over the time it takes.

Has anyone built a small place like this and found a reliable log home company that was actually willing to help you with what you want instead of railroading you into what you don't?  Are we really asking that much?

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Hi Vic!  Being less than 150 miles from your job site, Appalachian Log Structures would love to speak with you about your project.  You can choose the log home building materials you want (no pushy salespeople here) and we'll help you locate someone to assist you with erecting the items you need help with.  No problem. When you're ready to start call 803-627-8852 or email  It's as simple as that.  Visit our web page for simple/small cabin floor plans similar to what you described (  If you don't want the loft in some of the smaller designs, no problem.  We can help you with the re-design so that it fits your budget and needs.  Donald



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