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I know that lofts are wonderful, but many of us are going to build homes for retirement - which means (for us) NO stairs! We still want soaring ceilings and a large, rustic great room, and the emenities of a log/timberframe home.

Surely there would be a demand for a larger footprint ranch style home? I've been searching for floor plans for a few years, and haven't seen many, and nothing like what I envision yet.

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I agree with you Laura. So many folks that come into our office are looking for for the same thing you are. We have a couple of single story floor plans around 2000sf, such as the Timberwind and Castlerock but not many. Since its more cost efficient to build up than out, that wins. As you're looking for 'your' floor plan, keep in mind that you can sketch your own and have that developed into a log home plan. Having lived in Texas for many years, I have to also say I've not seen many people that move from California to Midland TX to retire! Ed Davis
I know, I know - but family trumps all, doesn't it? You've got a nice website!
This will be my final home, so I don't want it to be huge, (around 2000-2200 sq ft), but I want wraparound porches and for it to look like two stories, even though it isn't. I picture dormer windows on the facade that bring in light to the great room.

You may be right and I have to custom design, but I know that's expensive too! Hoping to find a single story plan that I can adapt...

Custom Design is not expensive. We do custom design for free, the log home company already has the design team on staff and they view doing a custom design for each customer just a normal part of doing business because it's very rare for someone to go with a standard floorplan.
Who's we? What company are you with? I'd like to take a look at your website.
Hi Laura,

I'm with moosehead cedar log homes out of maine. My website is and the Moosehead's is Contact me at and I can email you a sample of a custom design from scratch that we charge $0 for.
Laura, we are building a single story log home. You are correct, most of what you see in log home mags and on most manufacturers websites are 1 1/2 story. But, remember, you are limited only by your own imagination. Good architects can take your vision and turn it into a workable blueprint. That's what I did, and I think it's a great floorplan (if I do say so myself!)

I have a my rough sketch of our floorplan and some pictures at
Susan, Your home is a "great" plan if I do say so myself!!!!
Laura: Take a look at our Piedmont floor plan as several of our homeowners have used this plan and removed the top floor. Although the ground floor is 1872 sq ft we can always make it the size you like. We've also added wrap around porches to this model as well. If you would like more information on this plan just give us call at 800-LOG-HOME. There is no "extra" charge for customizing a floor plan with Appalachian Log Structures. Cheers - Donald
Hi Laura! I'm with Daniel Boone Log Homes and we've got a great ranch model, it's called the Hartford. Take a look @

Please email me at with any questions that you may have. We ship anywhere in the continental US and have an excellent product. I may be a little biased!
Good luck in your search for that perfect home!
Laura: I have been in my own one story log home for over 20 years now and have never regretted not having a loft, I love living on one level. I have a heavy timber roof system over the great room and then transition to a trussed roof system with a flat ceiling over the bedroom areas, this is a great way to save some money on your roof system, you get the best of both worlds this way, a large cathedral ceiling over the living areas and a 9 ft flat ceiling over the bedrooms for a more private and cozy feel.
We have over 13 standard models of one story homes. Please check out our website
Appalachian Log Homes
We can always adjust any of our standard models to fit your personal tastes, or we can provide you with a total custom home.
Hi Laura,
I am not retiring, but my hubby & I want a single story about 2,200 sq. ft. Have any luck finding a single story floor plan ?


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