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I am in the beginning stages of finally starting my log home.  I own my property, have a well, septic and electric.  I have 2 places in mind for the location of my home.  Is it customary to have a contractor come to your site and help pick the best location? 

I have yet to decide who the supplier will be for the log home materials.  Should that decision be made before I hire a contractor? What my dilemma here is the location of the home may have an influence on the final design of the home.  One location is below the grade of the septic meaning I will have to pump all wastewater uphill.  The alternative is build in a higher location but a further distance from my well.  The wastewater will be able to flow downhill but running pipes to the alternate location may ultimately cost more.  In this case cost is a factor that may affect my decision where to build.  Anyone face this situation or have advice?




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It's always a good plan to follow the suns path. In the winter you probily would like the sun shining in and the summer the roof overhangs shadowing your windows. Best of luck.


Thanks for the response.  You are right in home placement should take full advantage of the sun whether it be winter or summer.  My property is located in a mostly mature forested area with Beech and Maple the predominant trees.  Regardless of where I build I will have to take down some trees.  They will affect the amount of sun I get in the summer which I am grateful for.  It will help to keep the house cooler during the hotter months.  The style of home I am planning would have a wraparound porch to also affect the suns influence.  Anyway, thanks for your input.


Where about are you building?

Frost line depth will influence the cost of bringing well up to house. 

pumping to wast water sounds like a problem waiting to happen.........

how long of a driveway will also effect the bottom line...


You are right.  Those are good points to consider.  My property is in Northern Michigan (LP).  Lots of snow and cold although I don't intend to spend winters there.  I have a good portion of the drive already in place but will need to widen it and open it up some for trucks to maneuver.  I'd like to say you helped me but actually you gave me more to consider.  I guess in a way you did help.  it will help me to better prepare.




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